Love, passion and intrigue: what hot premieres MTS will show in Minsk

If you still don’t know what to do on the weekend, MTS TV offers a selection of premieres of TV series and films that you should definitely watch. Fabulous adventures and love without barriers, action-packed dramas of TV series, where secrets and intrigues reign, stories about the most tender adolescence, legends of the land of ancient civilizations and much more. If you suddenly missed the movie premiere, the recordings in the MTS TV service are stored for up to 5 days.

Triad series, season 2: from June 7 on weekdays at TNT International.

Continuation of the story of the loving Tolik. The 30-year-old womanizer got confused in a relationship with three girls, each of whom announced that she was expecting a child from him. Tolik makes a responsible and courageous decision: all three mothers should live with him under one roof. Watch new episodes on weekdays at TNT International.

The series “Nothing Happens Twice”, season 2: from June 9 by START subscription

A married woman falls in love with a border guard and carries her love through the years. Difficult decisions, fatal trials and, of course, strong feelings await her and other residents of the military settlement.

The series “The kept women”, season 3: from June 10 by START subscription

A new portion of the raging passions in the world of big money, beautiful women and wealthy men. The pursuit of the sweet life gradually turns into a survival game, but sooner or later, all villains will be justly punished.

“Imaginary reality”: June 11 at 21:55 on the Kinopremiera channel

The richest man in the world wants to mine uranium on the sacred land of the Indians. The biographer writing his story has the ability to change reality with his imagination. What do you think can happen if his power is intertwined with the mystical knowledge of the Indians?

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“The art of robbery”: June 12 at 19:00 on the Kinopremiera channel

A charismatic art critic and attractive American woman arrives at a luxurious estate in northern Italy and is embroiled in a dangerous adventure. They agree to steal his last masterpiece from the workshop of the genius artist.

The series “Our time is now”: from June 12 by START subscription

Young Laura and her friends graduate from school. They have yet to learn what it is like to be adults. Discovering a new unknown world for themselves, they often do not think about the consequences. One day teenagers face death for the first time, and it changes them forever.

“Silver skates”: June 13 at 19:00 on the Kinopremiera channel

A beautiful Christmas story in the surroundings of 19th century St. Petersburg. The son of a poor lamplighter and the daughter of an influential dignitary rush to their dream together on the wings of love.

MTS TV Is an interactive television with over 120 TV channels and 2 online cinemas available. Movies, cartoons, broadcasts of matches and programs in it can be watched with the ability to rewind and pause the broadcast. Broadcast recordings are stored in the service memory for up to 5 days. Online cinemas ivi and START make it possible to choose from a huge database of films and TV series at any convenient time. During the first 7 days, the service can be used free of charge.

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