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Hardly anyone can boast that a Cancer man is an open book for him, as a rule, he diligently hides his secrets even from his best friends, let alone casual acquaintances. He is not calm, but at the same time, he quite often hangs a sign on the door: “I have gone into myself, I will not be soon”.

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Cancers are generally idealistic and sentimental dreamers. This zodiac sign is ruled by the Moon, depending on its phase, Cancers either plunge into the abyss of despair, or ascend to unimaginable heights of euphoria. They have a gift for making other people move in one direction or another.

At the first meeting, it may seem that Cancer is relaxed, maybe even somewhat untied and is not averse to flirting. But this is the very case when the first impression is deceiving. The next time he can be gloomy and unapproachable, then capricious and stubborn – guessing the mood of Cancer is like trying to get rich playing in a casino. There are chances, but they are not very great. Cancer is an incredibly complex creature with changeable moods, which clearly sees in someone else’s eye even tiny specks, not noticing in its own logs of such a size that would be enough to build a country cottage. It’s never easy or boring with him.

A Cancer man wants to believe that he stands for gender equality and feminism, but in fact, deep down, he is pleased to feel like a defender of the “weaker” sex. Usually he is polite and gallant, sophisticated and in some way (not in clothes) resembles a gentleman of the old school. Cancer prefers beautiful women, but this is not the end of its demands. The impression of feminine charm should not fade when a beauty opens her mouth. Clever beauties (Komsomol members, athletes) are drawn to Cancers, like a magnet. However, it is very difficult, almost impossible, to meet the “crayfish” expectations.

This man needs an ideal. Cancer will prefer to silently retreat into its shell if from its point of view something went “wrong” and is unlikely to dare to discuss the reasons for its sudden disappointment with the one that attracted it recently.

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Cancers love good food and drink, but don’t expect them to be able to choose the right clothes. Cancer prefers comfortable things, he has a lot of things that he treats as his best friends: “I went to the Moscow Virtuosi concert in these shoes” or “This sweater remembers me in my student years.” Do not even try to secretly throw something out of his wardrobe – otherwise a big scandal awaits you.

Cancers love to talk, never go into their pockets for a word and sometimes have the gift of persuasion. If during the discussion someone adheres to a different – not “crayfish” point of view, this man will not shut up until he convinces his opponent. At the same time, Cancer knows how to listen. You cannot deny him the ability to help others solve their problems. His sharp analytical mind is able to cope with even the most difficult tasks.

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He does not like to take risks – he even prefers to make money exclusively with the help of conservative methods.

Cancer is very sensitive, timid and sentimental, it is difficult to part with old friends, work and cities – as much as possible and resists possible relocations and changes in general.

Cancers are able to maintain friendship throughout their lives, they adore the evenings of meetings of former graduates and find something to talk about with classmates whom they have not seen for several years.

If there is an opportunity not to change anything, Cancer will definitely use it. This approach applies to all areas of his life – from home to work. This man is incredibly dependent on the past, he is associated with him with thousands of the smallest details and details that no one else remembers except him.

He, like no other sign of the zodiac, needs constant regular confirmation that you love him. You should not start an easy affair with Cancer – he takes love too seriously to become a worthy candidate for one-night stand. Cancer demands from his beloved about the same that he himself is ready to give her: physical and spiritual closeness, loyalty. He believes in true love that can overcome any obstacles – this is his personal, albeit somewhat unusual, recipe for maintaining peace of mind.

Cancers rarely cheat – they prefer the comfort and warmth of their home to dubious pleasures on the side. They are prone to long-term relationships, but if the breakup does occur, they will not grieve for too long, but will find a new object for their feelings. But if once you won his heart, do not hesitate – he will remember you all his life.

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Cancer and sex

The only thing he really needs is approval and encouragement for his actions. If a woman tells Cancer what a wonderful lover he is, he will do everything not to disappoint her. If a woman is smart enough to make him believe that he is initiating her into the secrets of sex, he will step by step open the way for her to orgasm. Cancer is unusually vulnerable – you should not comment on its actions, interrupting them with the remark that you already know this, have practiced it before. He will not only be offended, but will immediately hide back into his shell.

He is condescending and assertive at the same time. In order to get pleasure, it is enough just to let Cancer “lead” the process. At the very beginning of a love affair with Cancer, in every possible way, avoid any manifestations of vulgarity, rudeness and prose of life. It is typical for this man to idealize his partner and any “falling out” of the role he invented may even seem exciting, but it is unlikely to make Cancer prolong sexual (as well as any other) communication. Over time, his quivering nature can come to terms with those things that would have shocked him before. In order for Cancer’s sexual interest not to cool down, it needs to be constantly “warmed up” by demonstrating its own feelings. As soon as he feels that emotions have disappeared from intimacy, he will immediately back up your relationship.

Cancer is not one of those who sometimes forgets about foreplay, in a hurry to go directly to the process of intercourse. It is very important for him that not only he himself, but also the woman next to him was happy. Cancers are not the type of men who see sexual disregard for what their partner is experiencing as proof of their masculinity. On the contrary, from a Cancer point of view, there is nothing more important than simultaneous orgasm, which is further proof of how strong love is.

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Cancer has an excellent memory – he always remembers what exactly and in what sequence he must do in order for his beloved to see the sky in diamonds. It seems that he himself gets an orgasm solely because he was able to deliver it to someone else. Cancers often embody their teenage fantasies in adult sex life.

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