Liam Neeson becomes Philip Marlowe’s detective

It seemed that the movie would remain on paper, but producer Gary Levinson has hired eminent filmmakers, director Neil Jordan and screenwriter William Monaghan (The Departed), and is set to begin filming this October.

Philip Marlowe is a renowned private investigator from Raymond Chandler’s detectives. The character has appeared in the classic film noir films This Is Murder My Sweetheart, Deep Sleep and Lady in the Lake. Dick Paeull, Humphrey Bogart, Robert Montgomery, Robert Mitchum, James Caan and other famous actors have appeared on the screen in different years as Marlowe. The future film with Neeson is based on the novel “Black-Eyed Blonde”, which was written by John Benville, the successor of the Chandler business and a brilliant stylist (the writer performed under the pseudonym Benjamin Black).

This time, Marlowe is hired by a glamorous lady – she asks the detective to find her former lover. At first, the case looks ordinary, but in the end, Marlowe finds herself trapped, investigating the dark affairs of the Hollywood backstage and getting involved in a dangerous game started by the famous actress and her eccentric daughter.


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