Latinos have the greatest needs for attention to neurological problems


Los Angeles, Jun 9 (EFE News) .- Latinos have the greatest needs for attention to headache and neurological problems, according to a study published this Wednesday.

The report, prepared by the Southwestern Medical Center, University of Texas, indicates that there are disparities in the treatment of people with headaches due to ethnic group, socioeconomic status and geographic location.

“Research shows that headache (treatment) disparities persist for people who are Latino, African American, Native American, and Alaska Native,” said study author Dr. Jessica Kiarashi.

In an article published online in Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology, Kiarashi noted that “Among racial and ethnic groups, Native Americans and Alaska Natives have the highest prevalence of migraine and pain disorders. upside down ”.

“Latinos have the greatest needs for care for headache and neurological problems, and black men receive the least care,” he added.

Additionally, he indicated “access to care is limited by low socioeconomic status and geographic barriers.”

The article, developed by 16 headache experts, examines existing research on these conditions and health care disparities, and proposes solutions to address them.

Proposed solutions include using telemedicine to reduce geographic disparities, and taking into account factors such as household stability and income to identify unmet needs.

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