La Rochelle: the New World Museum enters the world of the Inuit

Mélanie Moreau presents the different masks belonging to the Inuit culture. (© Corentin Cousin)

A journey into the world of Inuit, this is what the New World Museum from La Rochelle since May 19. The exhibition « Sanna’s sons. Arctic Inuit“, Offers visitors an immersion in the heart of this community unknown to the general public.

Inuit land trip

This fifth part of the cycle devoted to the indigenous peoples of the North American continent offers a discovery of the way of life, beliefs and artistic practices of Inuit societies in the Arctic.

Whether they come from Alaska, Canada or Greenland, the exhibition puts into perspective the different facets of the relationships established with the animal world in these hunting societies whose symbolic and religious systems bear the mark of shamanism.

“The works have all been loaned by various museums, from Lyon, Cannes or Boulogne among others”, indicates Mélanie Moreau, director of the museums of art and history of La Rochelle, “and certain objects are part of private collections, in particular of American enthusiasts ”.

Each piece in the exhibition enters a universe of the Inuit community.
Each piece in the exhibition reflects the universe of the Inuit community. (© Corentin Cousin)

Weapons, harpoons, clothing or even means of locomotion and everyday objects, especially for hunting are at the center of this exhibition. A traveling route around the Inuit world, to discover or rediscover this community.

The New World Museum immerses you in the heart of Inuit life in an exhibition visible until August 30.

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