Kyler Murray still hasn’t given up on his baseball career

Every six or eight months, Kyler Murray says he misses baseball. The Arizona Cardinals quarterback, who is an NFL star, loves both of his sports.

The problem? Gone are the days when players can play both sports. Today we have to choose.

And Kyler Murray, with good reason, chose football.

But that does not prevent him from dreaming, despite everything, of a career in the world of baseball.

He will be the first to tell you: he is not trying to create any debate. He is asked a question and he answers it. That doesn’t preclude the fact that he’s fine in Arizona.

But a guy has the right to dream.

I suspect that the Cardinals people don’t agree with me [vouloir faire deux sports] for obvious reasons. I’m not trying to start a debate since I want to stay in the NFL.

But if there was an opportunity, I would love to play baseball again.

– Kyler Murray

We can get the guy out of the baseball, but we can’t get the baseball out of the guy. Oakland’s ninth overall pick in 2018 made a pick he is assuming.

He still claims to be able to play baseball at a high level.

Recall that he was voted the best player in the NCAA in his last year of college football. He chose the NFL path instead of the long, winding minors path.

It is also important to note that his contract prevents him from playing in the MLB. So don’t expect to see him coming to MLB, but expect to see him say that again in the future.

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