Kyler Murray hopes his legs will become “a luxury” for the Cardinals offense.

Quarterback Kyler Murray doesn’t want Arizona’s attack to rely too heavily on his ability to run the ball.

TEMPE – After the Arizona Cardinals lost a match they should have won to the New England Patriots last November, the quarterback Kyler Murray said what he had to say as the leader of Arizona and face of the franchise of the Cardinals.

He diverted and praised.

“I don’t think I have to run for us to be successful,” he said. Murray after the 3-point loss he threw for 170 yards and rushed for 31, 15 of which came in a single play.

What was not known then, is that Murray had suffered his second shoulder injury of the season a week earlier in a loss to the Seattle Seahawks, causing him to be more protective of his body. And that made him more cautious as a runner.

Murray knew he had to run for the Cardinals to win. He knew that if he couldn’t run, the Cardinals he would suffer throughout the rest of the campaign. He was right, and now he knows that things need to change.

“Honestly, the way I see it, my legs must be a luxury,” he explained. Murray during the minicamp of Arizona in the middle of June. “And it wasn’t like that last year. It was more like me being forced to run in a sense, and once my shoulder got hurt or whatever, and I wasn’t trying to risk myself out there and get those punches and things like that, we we fell into a hole. “

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Murray first injured his shoulder during a Week 9 loss to the Miami Dolphins. He was hurt again 11 days later against the Seahawks.

Those two defeats started a crash for Arizona, who lost three in a row and four out of five, and it would have been five in a row had it not been for an ‘Ave Maria’ pass from Murray to wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

With the help of six months of perspective, Murray look back at the second half of the campaign, when Arizona he went 3-6 and was out of the playoffs, like a blessing in disguise.

“Honestly, I think it was good for us,” he said. Murray. “I think it was a lesson for us that we can’t be one-dimensional. We have to be better in all areas, all aspects of the game and do the little things right because, as I told you last year, we started off fired up and towards the end, we were losing games that we shouldn’t have lost, and that’s a sign of inconsistency and not doing everything right, on and off the pitch. So, like I said, it’s a lesson for us. I think we’ll be better for it. “

Murray’s production fell in those final nine games. He went from rushing for 62.4 yards a game in the first seven to 42.1 in the final nine, and throwing for 263.9 yards a game to just 236.

“Anyone can see where things started to change a bit, style of play and production, things of that nature,” said the head coach. Kliff Kingsbury. “That’s part of playing in this league and I think he did a good job of moving forward. That’s part of playing in this league and I think he did a good job of pushing forward. He was very uncomfortable throughout the season. , and kept going out and giving everything he had to try to win games.

“We hope, we can keep him healthy and stay on track, but he learned some valuable lessons from all of it.”


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