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March 19, 2021 21:47

On the 3rd day of the British Open in badminton, various quarterfinals were held in Birmingham, England, and Kento Momota (NTT East), who is the number one in the world ranking for men in singles, is ranked 10th in the world. Lost to (Malaysia) 0-2.

Women’s Nozomi Okuhara (Taiyo Holdings) defeated Thai players in a come-from-behind victory to advance to the semi-finals. Akane Yamaguchi (Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) succumbed to 2019 World Championship champion Sindhu Psarla (India).

In the doubles, last year’s champions Hiroyuki Endo and Yuta Watanabe (Nihon Unisys), Yuki Fukushima and Ayaka Hirota (Marusugi Brazilian), who are aiming for the second consecutive title in women, have entered the top four. (Joint)

[Photo]Kento Momota, who will face Lee Ji-ja in the British Open quarterfinals of badminton = 19th, Birmingham (Getty = joint)


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