Karlo López begins to stand out in Arizona

And Venezuelan riders continue to shine in American horse racing. On this occasion, it is worth highlighting the campaign carried out by Karlo López, who in the last two years has had a very good performance. For example, last Wednesday at the Arizona Downs racetrack, he achieved two victories at the hands of the Venezuelan, coach Alfredo Asprino.

Karlo achieved victory in the sixth race of the program with the copy Elever Emma, ​​by disqualification of the one who had crossed the line in first place, Disputed. He had finished in second place and became the winner of the test.

Later, in the eighth competition, he showed off with Six Ninety One, a nine-year-old horse, whom he imposed practically from end to end, and with body and three-quarters of advantage in time of 1’05 ”03 for the distance of 1,100 meters . Both copies were presented by the Creole coach Alfredo Asprino.

Karlo, who in April of this year reached his 500 victories in the United States racetrack, has achieved 39 victories this year and is already well placed in the statistics of the Arizona Downs oval, whose meeting began on June 1. So far he has obtained 4 wins and is third among the most winners. The leader is Keivan Serrano with seven wins.

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