Is Spain Rociíto?

Rocío is a beautiful, fresh name that takes your imagination directly to beautiful and friendly women; It is also a name that transmits confidence, of good people, right? It sounds round. In my phone book, which is like saying in my life, I have four Rocíos: Rocío Martín, Rocío Barriga, Rocío Martín-Cubas and Rocío Montero. And it bothers me greatly that such a vibrant and brilliant name is prostituted by the daughter of the great Rocío Jurado, this Rociíto, a hustler by profession … at the cost of the millions of unwary who, every day, in morning sessions, afternoon and at night, they crawl in front of their televisions looking for a bit of affinity with their miseries and frustrations. Otherwise these phenomena of authentic national scavenger programmed by cathodic terrorists who go through life and the luxury restaurants of television executives are not explained. Murderers of the most disadvantaged intellectual classes (and no longer so disadvantaged) whose minds are fused with tons of trash TV and “queens-of-the-people.” Even something as serious, in theory, as the Government of the nation, participates in these assaults on intelligence with Pedro Sánchez de gogó by Jorge Javier “Esperpento” Vázquez. Maggie Thatcher, save us, please. It scares me to think that seedy and green Spain is genetic. Celtiberia show in its purest form. Alaska already said it the other day in a Madrid newspaper: “What happens today in Spain was already in Berlanga’s trilogy.” Terrible: where have we advanced?

I can not with a country, Holy God, my country !, which has been covering itself like hippos for two months in the infectious quagmire of the series starring that individual who tells Spain, after succulent and immodest collection, misery and baseness on her life and his family that no one should care the least. Blessed is that “Hello” of dream homes, royal weddings, and the eternal beauty of Raquel Welch … We should never have lost our innocence.

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Two months with Rociíto in tow and his face of armed anxiolytics. I do not give credit, this is crazy, what’s more, are we a structured society, were we all raised in a pigsty? And the big question: is Spain Rociíto? I prefer not to think about the answer as I flee, far away, after hitting the television twice.


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