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A holiday romance

In a small polar town everyone knew each other. And the paramedic Svetlana Ivanovna Petrenko * was not at all surprised when an old friend called her, an ultrasound doctor from the antenatal clinic Tamara Petrovna.

– Well, I congratulate you! – said cheerfully. – I just had your Nastya, and so: she will have a daughter. As you wanted.

– Granddaughter! Evochka! – 58-year-old Svetlana exclaimed happily.

It was 6 years ago. The elderly medic had dreamed of the birth of a granddaughter from the very day when she learned that Peter’s daughter and son-in-law would have a child. The name was thought up ahead of time – Eve. The impression was spoiled a little by the fact that in the younger group of the kindergarten, where the granddaughter was assigned, there were already three Evochki, a very fashionable name. And also there were two Yesenias, three Evangelines and one Stephanie. Well, this is the fashion now.

After birth, Svetlana did not let go of her granddaughter, daughter Nastya was even offended: you didn’t treat me that way, mom. I walked with the baby, read bedtime stories, filled up with all sorts of toys. And, when Nastya and five-year-old Eva got ready to warm up in Anapa in the summer, her grandmother did not even want to let her darling go. But his son-in-law Peter insisted:

“Let him go with the child,” he said about his wife. – Maybe, at least he won’t go on a spree. And then she is ready to twist her tail to the right and left.

Svetlana sighed: in recent months, relations in her daughter’s family have deteriorated completely. Nastya talked about divorce, they say, her husband began to pay little attention to her, does not give gifts, you will not wait for compliments, and in general, love has passed, as it was. Her elderly mother was afraid of divorce most of all, she really liked her son-in-law: a teetotal, non-grousing, hard-working – what else do you need?

But, unfortunately, the son-in-law’s forecast came true. In Anapa, on the beach, Nastya met a young local resident. A beautiful, thin, green-eyed northerner conquered the burning Kuban macho Stepan at first sight. We did not part for the whole month of vacation. And when the time came to leave, Nastya sobbed so much that her beloved decided: we were going to the North together! He left the little things in his backpack, and on the polar platform they got out of the car almost as a family: Nastya, Eva and the new “dad”. Fortunately, Peter was on shift in the shop and could not meet a happy family.

At the new place, Stepan quickly found his bearings. Instantly I found an apartment and a job through advertisements on the social network. He said that he would wait for the couple to divorce, and the loving northerner would find the long-awaited freedom. Nastya and Eve went to live with their grandmother.

The unfaithful wife called Peter in the evening. She announced that she had already filed for divorce, so as not to be surprised. She has a new man and a new life.

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100 thousand is the price of life

During the few days that have passed since the return of her daughter, Svetlana Ivanovna has darkened her face. At work, they did not recognize her: the always active, energetic woman did not go by herself. Only to the closest friend she told that her daughter was getting divorced, marrying a newcomer. And the worst thing is that he is going to go to him in Anapa and take his granddaughter with him.

– What am I to do? – the elderly woman lamented. – They will take Evochka away, and there will be no one for me to live for, and there is no need.

At home she was restless. With Nastya there were continuous scandals. Svetlana Ivanovna reproached her daughter for frivolity, she did not call her new gentleman otherwise than an Anapa freak, and from the thought that her beloved granddaughter would be taken to the end of the world, she began to have heart attacks. My daughter added fuel to the fire: you, mother, have lived a life without love, and do you wish me the same?

– As soon as I get divorced, the next day we will rush to Anapa! – screamed in hearts. – What have I not seen in these snows? Yes, and Evka will be better there.

– With a strange man instead of your own father? – sobbed the grandmother. – Do you know what stepfathers do with their stepdaughters ?! Do you want to destroy your daughter?

In general, having reached the boiling point, Svetlana Ivanovna came to the conclusion: the problem must be solved radically. But it is known: if there is no person, there is no problem. So we need to look for a killer for our daughter’s lover. And then she will return to her husband. And everything will be as before.

Svetlana decided to implement this criminal idea with the help of one of Nastya’s former gentlemen, Vitaly Karimov. Let the former lover kill the current one, she decided. I called the man and asked for a meeting. We met at the nearest cafe in his car. For the fulfillment of the “task” the northerner promised the potential killer 100 thousand rubles. However, he did not agree.

– I can mark it half to death, – admitted honestly. – But there is no “mock on the backwoods”. This is not mine.

– Well, find me someone who can! – the pensioner pressed on him.

Karimov promised to think it over. And he himself, having parted with Svetlana, went straight to the nearest police station.

There he left a statement about the impending crime. In the future, Karimov agreed to participate in operational-search activities carried out by employees of the Russian MIA Administration for the Murmansk region and the intermunicipal operational-detective department. And he told Svetlana Ivanovna that he had found a person who would help her. Police officer Vladimir Zhdanov played the role of a pseudo-killer.

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Spared my daughter

It was already November on the calendar, when the determined pensioner met Karimov and Zhdanov in the latter’s car. Outlined a plan to murder her daughter’s lover. According to her, after the fulfillment of the plan, the corpse had to be lowered under the ice of the nearest lake in order to find it six months later, in the spring. Then she changed her mind. She said that it is better to give Stepan vodka with a powder of narcotic to drink, so that he would turn off, and then hang him up, making an imitation of suicide.

“There is no need to add sleeping pills to vodka,” she warned her interlocutors, “I’m still a health worker, they might suspect. And further. When he is already in the loop, be sure to call me, I will detain my daughter at home. I don’t want Nastya to see this horror. She is my gentle girl, she will be scared to death.

The self-control of the woman who ordered the murder is amazing.

“The operative, who acted as the killer, gave her a chance to abandon the criminal plan,” Elena Ilyina, assistant to the chairman of the Murmansk Regional Court, commented on the materials of the criminal case. – He suggested that she simply beat Stepan badly or force him to go back to the south. However, the woman was adamant. She insisted precisely on the physical elimination of this person. And she did not accept any other options.

By the way, Svetlana took the money for the murder from the general treasury, from the account of her son-in-law, to which she had access. She told Peter that she had health and nerve problems, which had to be urgently and paid for. And only once in a conversation her rage suddenly broke free.

– You can’t even imagine how soon you will thank me, son-in-law! – she promised Peter. – You will thank me on your knees!

He did not understand anything, but he gave the money.

Svetlana gave the money to the “killer” in two steps: an advance payment of 10 thousand and after “fulfilling the order” another 90 thousand. Everything took place in his car. At the time of the transfer of the remainder, the police detained it.

Preparing an operative measure, the law enforcement officers brought the “ordered” Stepan into it. He agreed to play the role of the deceased. A specialist from the morgue made up him to look like the deceased, the operatives fitted a rope so that the pictures for the customer looked natural, and, having made several creepy photos, sent them to Svetlana Ivanovna. She, making sure that the order was fulfilled, handed over the money to Zhdanov.

When she was detained, she did not lock herself up. She explained everything to the investigator simply: she did not want to part with her beloved granddaughter. During the preliminary investigation, an elderly northerner lived in her apartment, regularly appearing for interrogations. They arrested her in the courtroom.

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It is surprising that before the court session all four – Svetlana Ivanovna, Nastya, Evochka and the “ordered” Stepan lived in the same apartment. In such unusual circumstances, the elderly customer was able to get to know her potential victim quite closely. And nothing. I wonder what the failed deceased felt at the same time, communicating daily with the person who ordered it? However, everyone lived quite peacefully and in harmony, the southern macho had a downright steel nervous system. Moreover, Nastya had divorced her husband by that time.

Given remorse

Taking into account the indictment and the established factual circumstances, the criminal actions of the defendant Petrenko S.I. that person’s circumstances.

The court took into account that the witness V.T. Zhdanov explained that, meeting with Petrenko S.I., he tried several times to dissuade her from her plans, but the defendant insisted precisely on the murder of the victim, that the latter was not disputed and indicated that she had a direct intent to deprivation of the victim’s life. There is no reason not to trust these testimonies, since they were confirmed by the results of operational-search activities, including audio and video recordings of conversations between V.T. Zhdanov and S.I. Petrenko.

When appointing a sentence to the defendant, the court took into account the severity and nature of the public danger of the crime committed, the identity of the perpetrator, the circumstances mitigating the punishment, as well as the impact of the imposed punishment on her correction and on the living conditions of her family. Circumstances mitigating the punishment of the defendant, the court, in accordance with Article 61 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, considered her active contribution to the disclosure and investigation of the crime, full admission of her guilt, remorse for what she had done, her state of health, as well as apologizing to the victim and taking measures aimed at reconciliation with the latter.

The court sentenced: SI Petrenko was found guilty of committing a crime under part 3 of Article 33, part 1 of Article 30, part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and sentenced to three years in prison.

The verdict came into force.

… They say that mother’s love is capable of moving mountains, it is selfless and disinterested. And what about the love of a grandmother to her grandchildren? It seems that sometimes she just blows her head off to an adult and quite adequate person. No wonder they say: the first child is the last doll, and the first grandson is the last child. And for this last child, grandmothers, alas, are sometimes ready to give everything. Reckless and reckless.

* Names and surnames have been changed.


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