Invasive clawed frogs detected in Florida, United States

A frog native to West Africa has been detected in Florida, this species is classified as potentially invasive and harmful to the aquatic ecosystems of the region of Tampa, Florida.

This “clawed” frog was discovered in Florida in 2014. According to the Institute of Agricultural and Food Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida, this frog can compete with native species for food since this frog she is a voracious eater of insects.

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Wildlife Conservation and Ecology Professor Christina Romagosa, the African frog is a new disturbance to South Florida ecosystems that are already vulnerable due to habitat destruction, pollution, invasive species and disease .

This is the first detection of the African frog outside its native habitat and according to experts it could spread to other parts of the state to the point of exceeding the local ones.

This frog also tends to eat tadpoles and young frogs of other species, so it could also become a predator of local species. The scientists indicated that claws should not be feared, as they are not capable of harming humans.

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The claws are used to crush and break larger species during feeding.

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