Infiltration: Trailer and launch date of the Apple TV + series

Everything about the new science fiction drama series

June 11, 2021 at 2:04 pm

In the Apple TV + series “Infiltration”, people around the world are confronted with an alien invasion. You can find out everything about the start, plot, trailer and cast here.

“Infiltration” is an upcoming Apple TV + series. (Source: Apple TV +)

  • “Infiltration” is an upcoming Apple TV + series that will be released on October 22, 2021 on the US streaming service.
  • The science fiction drama series portrays an alien invasion from the perspectives of various people around the world.
  • In a first trailer we see what Shamier Anderson, Golshifteh Farahani, Sam Neill, Firas Nassar and Shioli Kutsuna can expect.

The Apple TV + series “Infiltration” describes an alien invasion from the perspectives of different people around the world. A first trailer has now been released showing what to expect in the science fiction drama series.

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Infiltration: Start date

According to Apple TV +, the first three episodes of the ten-part series will be released on October 22, 2021. After that, an episode will be released every Friday.

Infiltration: act

“Infiltration” takes place on several continents and shows an invasion of aliens from the perspectives of different people around the world. Everyone’s life changes suddenly when aliens come to earth.

Infiltration: Trailer

Apple TV + has already published its first trailer. In it we see the various protagonists of the series in their lives before and after the alien invasion. Above it is the voice of a man who speaks in English about the meaning of life.

Infiltration: occupation

The cast of the series includes Shamier Anderson (“Bruised”, “Awake”), Golshifteh Farahani (“Tyler Rake: Extraction”, “Paterson”, “The Man Who Never Lived”), Sam Neill (“Jurassic World: Dominion”) , “Peaky Blinders – Gangs of Birmingham”), Firas Nassar (“Fauda”) and Shioli Kutsuna (“Deadpool 2”, “The Outsider”).

Infiltration: Production

The writers and executive producers on “Infiltration” are Simon Kinberg (“X-Men” films, “Deadpool” films, “The Martian”) and David Weil (“Hunters”). The series is produced by Boat Rocker Studios.

Jakob Verbruggen (“Die Einkreisung”, “The Fall: Death in Belfast”) acts as executive producer and also directs several episodes. Audrey Chon (“The Twilight Zone”), Amy Kaufman (“When They See Us”) and Elisa Ellis are also executive producers. Andrew Baldwin (“The Outsider”) will serve as executive producer and writer. Katie O’Connell Marsh (“Narcos”, “Hannibal”) is the executive producer for Boat Rocker Studios.

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