In Whittier, Alaska, 85% of residents live under the same roof

This small port town, located 120 kilometers from Anchorage, was once a military base. Today, nearly 200 people live in a huge building, built during the Cold War.

“Imagine living under the same roof as all of your classmates and the majority of the population in your city.” In Whittier, many residents live this way, according to USA Today. The American newspaper was interested in this port city in southern Alaska, recently highlighted by a video on the social network TikTok.

The town – a former secret base of the US military, surrounded by high mountains – has just over 300 inhabitants. His particuliarity ? There are no single-family homes there, most of the building land owned by the local railway company. Thus, 85% of the population lives in the Begich Towers, a large orange, green and white building of fourteen floors. “The rest of the population lives in a



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