In the US, a congressman accidentally tweeted the email password and pincode

Last week, the politician tweeted a post to which he attached a photo of his monitor. In the picture, you could see a sticker with a Gmail password and pin code written on it.

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Mo Brooks did not immediately notice his mistake – a snapshot with the official’s personal information was in the public domain for about a day. He eventually deleted the message and posted it again, but with a cropped photo. However, netizens had enough time to take screenshots.

Original post by Mo Brooks / Screenshot from Twitter

What the post says

By the way, the tweet of the politician is not only funny, but also scandalous. In it, Brooks accuses Democratic Congressman Eric Suoluell of illegally entering his private territory. The fact is that Suoelwell hired a detective to find out if Brooks was involved in storming the Capitol in January 2021.

The monitor, which the congressman photographed to tweet, displays the Alabama Penal Code website with a clause on intrusion into private property.

Network reaction

Of course, Internet users couldn’t get past the password case. They immediately started creating memes and joking about a member of the cybersecurity committee who was unable to protect his confidential information.

“The current US Congressman does not know how to take a screenshot, and therefore takes pictures of his computer with a PIN and password from Gmail”

“Imagine what it would be like to be a member of the US House of Representatives Armed Services Committee who tweeted his password.”

“When Mo Brooks realized he had tweeted the email password.”

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