In the United States, nine states will stop paying material assistance to the unemployed

Washington, May 12. The authorities of nine states of America have announced that they will no longer participate in the unemployment assistance program. These are Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and South Carolina, USA Today reported.

Tennessee, Iowa and Missouri on May 11 joined the list of states that are repealing unemployment benefits. The $ 300 additional payment discourages people from looking for work, authorities say, while employers complain about staff shortages following the pandemic.

“Federal unemployment benefits programs were initially providing important assistance to Iowans when the pandemic began. But now that our businesses and schools have reopened, these payments discourage people from returning to work, ”explained the Governor of Iowa. Kim Reynolds.

Head of Missouri Mike Parson noted that businesses in the state are “struggling” to fill jobs, and a federal cutback should help bring people back.

“The continuation of these programs only exacerbates the staffing problems we now face. It’s time to end these programs that have encouraged people to stay away from work, ”he stressed.

Governor of Mississippi Tate Reeves also said that he came to this decision after meeting with the business community of the state.

“It became clear to me that we would not be able to achieve a full economic recovery until we had thousands of jobs in our state,” he said.

Governor of South Carolina Henry McMaster called the benefits “dangerous” for economic recovery.

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It’s Biden’s fault

In early May, several well-known Republicans criticized the US President at once. Joseph Biden due to continuing payments to the unemployed. According to officials, additional benefits only exacerbate the situation with staff shortages and “encourage” unwillingness to find a job.

“Even after today’s report of terrible jobs, Democrats want to raise your taxes to keep paying people to keep them from coming to work. None of those who live in the real world are surprised that unemployment is on the rise, “the senator wrote on Twitter. Michael Rouley.


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