In the United States, a congressman accidentally tweeted his email password and pin code

In the US, a congressman accidentally tweeted his email password and pin code

The tweet has now been deleted. Instead, Brooks posted a new one, the sticker was cut out in the picture, but users managed to take a screenshot. A photo with personal data hung in the official account for about a day.

The tweet focuses on the scandal surrounding Brooks’ alleged involvement in the January assault on the Capitol. The congressman is accused of this by his fellow Democrat Eric Swalwell. To prove his case, he hired a private detective.

Brooks said his rights had been violated. To show what the consequences could be for Swalwell, the Republican photographed a page on the Alabama Penal Code website. It is open on an article about illegal entry into private territory.

“Swalwell’s team committed a crime by illegally entering my house and harassing my wife! Alabama Code of Criminal Assault First Degree. A year in prison. Six thousand dollars in fine, ”- signed the photo Brooks.

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