In the Kursk colony, the convict married his wife after 11 years of marriage

The sacrament of the wedding took place in the Kursk penal colony. The convicted Pavel and his wife Lyubov, after 11 years of marriage, made such a decision. This was reported by the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Kursk region.

– And although Pavel is still 4 years old before his release, as he himself admits, it does not matter at all whether this sacrament takes place in the colony or in freedom, the main thing is faith in the soul and love for his soul mate in the heart, the department noted.

By the way, the family is raising a daughter. The couple was married by the assistant to the head of the department for organizing work with believers, Archpriest Alexander Zinchenko. Before the sacrament, the Kurds confessed and received Communion.

– The wedding ceremony in the colony is not at all different from the one that is held in churches outside – there are also rings and crowns. True, the groom will have to give the ring to the bride, as soon as three days of a long meeting have passed, jewelry made of precious metals on the territory of the colony is prohibited by law, – told the kuryans.

The bride and groom will celebrate this event in private. It is forbidden to invite guests to the colony. The ceremony itself lasted about forty minutes.

“We meet convicts halfway in realizing such desires, because they directly contribute to strengthening the social ties of those serving sentences with their families and friends. They also remind that life does not end in places of deprivation of liberty, that relatives are waiting at home at home, who hope to see him nearby as soon as possible, ” said Dmitry Doshchuk, deputy head of PKU IK-2 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Kursk region.

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