If the willingness to vaccinate decreases, there is a risk of a new lockdown in autumn

“Fourth wave is not scare tactics”

A decline in the willingness to vaccinate could lead to a new lockdown in autumn, fears the chairman of the World Medical Association Frank Ulrich Montgomery in an RTL interview. “There is already a bit of talk in the background noise of the impending fourth wave in autumn,” he said, “that is not scary.” To the extent that we have slacked off with vaccination, lockdown measures will have to be reintroduced in the fall. “In order to have permanent peace of mind from the virus, we need a vaccination quota in the dimension of 80% of the population,” said Montgomery.

In the video, the chief medical officer explains: There will be no more vaccine shortages by the end of the month – if these things don’t go wrong now!

Compulsory vaccination “not so bad”, but not enforceable

When the Americans became less willing to vaccinate, the local authorities turned to gifts and other incentives to convince the population to prick the upper arm. Montgomery can use this strategy for Germany Not to introduce. “I still rely on people’s intelligence,” he said, “we can only achieve this in Germany through conviction.” He considered compulsory vaccination “not so bad”, but it was not enforceable in Germany. (nla)

In the video: It looks so good in your district today

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