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Everyone made fun of Birmingham when, following the transfer of Jude Bellingham al Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2020, he decided to retire the jersey of the very young English midfielder. After just one season, despite the gesture still excessive, many football fans were delighted by his talent. The most expensive 17-year-old of all time has illuminated Dortmund and who knows what he will be able to do in the future.

Obviously, he is also part of the list of young people to follow in view of Euro 2020. Here is everything you should know about Bellingham close to his first participation in a European.

While some Dortmund teammates struggled to find space and continuity, Bellingham immediately showed off. Despite his young age, the midfielder made 46 appearances by counting all competitions: he participated in the final of the German Cup against Leipzig, won 4-1, and made his debut in the Champions League.

In both quarter-final matches against Manchester City, Bellingham was sensational. His tireless energy terrified the opposing defense and he scored the 2-1 goal in the lost match Signal Iduna Park. Even in the first leg he put a hand on the result, except for the referee to cancel the goal.

Bellingham has incredible flexibility on the court. Fast, dynamic and versatile, he can play any role in the midfield. Many consider it the ideal number eight, always with an eye on attack. Skilled in the tight with the ball between his feet, he has a vision of the game that allows him to sort the ball in depth for his teammates. Even in the folding phase he proves to be an intelligent footballer. For being so young, Bellingham has great discipline.

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The all-rounder Bellingham is comparable to the best English midfielders of the past two decades. Two names that are often associated with him are those of Frank Lampard e Steven Gerrard. “I’m Jude Bellingham and I don’t want to be compared to them. They were undoubtedly great players, but I have other qualities. I’m a player and a different person.”, said the midfielder in an interview with last year Sport1. Bellingham may not like it, but the similarities with Gerrard and Lampard are obvious. His ability to evade the press, on the other hand, is similar to that of Georginio Wijnaldum.

Following Bellingham’s England debut in March, making him the third youngest player in the history of his national team, Gareth Southgate he spent words of praise towards him. It was not only his technical skills that impressed the coach, but also his temperament. Very important factor within the English squad.

“I was impressed with his human side. His parents did a fantastic job and they should be very proud.”Southgate told a FourFourTwo. “He is humble, has good manners and it is pleasant to talk to him. The FA had posted a video about him and I couldn’t believe the bond he had cultivated with fans in Birmingham at the age of 16 or 17. There aren’t many players with enough confidence to talk directly to the fans and make them cheer like that after scoring. I thought it was significant for him to make such a gesture “.

“He’s strong for just being 17. I can not believe. He is a fantastic footballer. “ (Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager)

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“He’s a complete midfielder.” (Roy Keane, former Manchester United midfielder)

Bellingham boasts an overall of 76. It’s no surprise to say it would be an investment for your team to make in career mode. Just be patient and allow it to grow: in the game it can reach a total of 88. This will not make it a cheap deal, but if you have money to spend we can call it one of the best purchases to make.

Football Manager fans were aware of Bellingham’s potential even before he moved to Borussia Dortmund. For several years he has been considered a child prodigy, among the best young people in the game. His early career stats are amazing, and very important is the “professional” label next to “personality”. As long as you keep using it, it will train and grow sensationally.

These are the statistics at the start of the game

Jude Bellingham su Football Manager

These are the statistics in 2030

Jude Bellingham on FM 2021 in 2030Jude Bellingham on FM 2021 in 2030

Bellingham wears Adidas, so he will most likely wear Copa Sense 1 boots during Euro 2020.

This is a million euro question. We would be shocked if Bellingham didn’t play at all, but his employment will depend on the physical fitness of the Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson. For a long time there was talk of a possible non-calling of Bellingham, but any doubts were dispelled by the extension of the lists from 23 to 26 players.

It could be particularly useful in matches where England will turn the ball and lead the game. In other cases, however, the balance offered by the couple will prove to be fundamental Rice-Phillips. Nothing, however, is taken for granted: the coach Southgate is ready to play the joker Bellingham to upset the cards on the table.

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