“I can honestly say that a voucher saved my life!”

Dan Horrocks was then a political science student at Aston University in Birmingham. Gradually he started to experience headaches and the pain got worse over the days. Worried, he went to his GP who thought of an inner ear imbalance, a stuck nerve or depression, reports the Mirror.

But he was not convinced by the diagnosis. He then used a voucher he had received for a free visit to the optometrist. “I had consulted many general practitioners, but I could not find the cause of my headaches”, explains the young man. Directly, the doctor confirmed that his pain was caused by pressure on the optic nerve and after further examinations he realized that it was a brain tumor.

10 years after diagnosis, Dan’s treatment is finally over after undergoing several operations and radiation therapy. “I can honestly say that a voucher saved my life. He arrived in my mailbox offering me a free eye test. Never being the type to pass up a gift, I accepted the offer. “

Even though the tumor may still come back, Dan is optimistic about the future. The thirty-something has just married his partner Sonia with whom he intends to enjoy life. “I hope that sharing my story will encourage people like me with unexplained symptoms to keep pushing for a diagnosis. “

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