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The family admits that the available benefits often do not cover even part of the costs of large families, and these are paid clubs, a bicycle, and much more that all children want, and, of course, their parents.

“Land is also quite problematic in our region,” says Natalya. – Especially in Severodvinsk, because the city stands on a swamp, and this land is given out to our families. Well, they delimited. Well, the lake was not given! Where there is good land, families are already being built and even living, solving communication problems on their own – if only there is somewhere to build. And if the swamp comes across, of course, it will be impossible to realize their capabilities. Now we are about 34 in the queue and do not expect to receive land in the coming years.

The issue of housing was resolved: they bought a house on the site on preferential terms on a mortgage, investing maternity capital.

– In the districts of the region, for the same compensation that is given in exchange for a plot, you can even buy half a house, a house with a plot. And you can’t buy it in our city. This compensation cannot be used even as a down payment on a mortgage for a one-room apartment. It is necessary to add money, that is, there is a law, but it does not solve the housing problem of the family. There are many more benefits to be earned. Have a diploma of gratitude, or a distinction “Maternal Glory”. As if artificially limited access to benefits. In any case, the state wanted to help, but it is up to the commission to decide in the end to whom to hand what, to whom not to hand over. We are now getting what is given to everyone.

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