Horoscope for May 9: Capricorns, there will be no gifts

A special horoscope for May 9, 2021 from the practicing astrologer Alevtina Skvortsova.

ARIES: Hypersensitivity, attraction to the opposite sex, clumsiness, mood instability, insecurity and imbalance. Activity manifests itself more in fantasy and imagination than in reality. But if you have a desire and a goal, hard work and efficiency will appear. Increased aggression is possible, which will lead to quarrels with household members or parents. Learn to adapt to people and circumstances.

TAURUS: You will need constant and lasting feelings. The manifestations of jealousy and possessiveness are possible. Take care of home improvement, your love for luxury, beauty and comfort will help make your home more cozy and hospitable. Find hobbies related to art, because you have many creative talents.

TWINS: Fast, lively, broad-ranging mind, impressive range of interests. But when curiosity is satisfied, your interest quickly fades away, learn to concentrate and methodically, step by step, do something. Loneliness is good for you from time to time to calm your sensitive nervous system.

CRAB: Mars in your sign gives you a heightened sensitivity to stress. You can’t stand pressure and competition. If the demands at work increase, you have a tense situation, then it is difficult to work with you. Try to avoid direct conflicts, do not face aggressiveness, you do not need to strive to break through to the top. Your energy is subject to fluctuations and depends on the desired emotional climate, so take care of your emotional state.

LION: You will draw your inspiration from contemplating works of art, reading religious treatises and exploring the subtle worlds. Sometimes you throw all the powers of your imagination in search of a source of funds and power. Dangers on the road are possible, be attentive and careful. Despite the fact that you are a sympathetic and understanding nature, you can have a big quarrel with your household.

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VIRGO: Today you will feel thirst for news, communication, curiosity. You will easily make contact and become more talkative. Attention can be scattered, you become restless and easily distracted by the slightest changes around. The craving for knowledge increases, you can enroll in any courses. Decisions will be made quickly and easily. Trips on this day are made without much thought or plans.

LIBRA: Now you are endowed with creativity, cheerfulness, you enjoy earthly blessings (be it delicious food, fashionable clothes, chatting with friends, contemplation of nature, holidays). Mood can change throughout the day, so don’t give too much importance to your emotions. But it is better to postpone important things for another day.

♏ SCORPIO: The Moon and Pluto Sextile endows you with leadership tendencies, a positive attitude towards life and the desire to transform reality in accordance with your needs. If your emotions are positive, you will not hide your successes and achievements, then those around you will be drawn to you thanks to your cheerfulness. You will cope perfectly with the role of spouse, mother and homemaker thanks to your energy and practicality.

♐ SAGITTARIUS: Potential learning difficulties, errors in documentation, loss of keys, problems with diction and articulation. So it would be nice to do some singing. To remember something better, try to tell someone the information first. Use unusual or new routes to familiar places. If you are criticized, then take from the criticism only resources that are useful for yourself.

CAPRICORN: There may be obstacles in professional life and love, but they can be overcome with hard work and strict discipline. Frustration when trying to express your personality, which can lead to pessimism. There will be no gifts, you have to achieve everything with your own labor. We must consciously cultivate optimism and cheerfulness.

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AQUARIUS: Orientation to creativity, the formation and maintenance of public relations, as well as to be active in society. Communicate more, exchange ideas with like-minded people, you will be comfortable with friends, where you will feel needed. In the love sphere, you will form more friendly relations with your partner, since you are prone to love of freedom.

FISH: The moon in your sign will fill you with sympathy for people, you will understand their feelings and needs. You can succumb to the mood of your surroundings. Sensitivity will make you compassionate and understanding. Make sure that those around you do not abuse your kindness. In love, you will be romantic and in love not so much with a person as with the relationship itself, with this pleasant state.

Source: psychologist, practicing astrologer, hostess of the women’s club of psychology and esotericism “March 8” Alevtina Skvortsova (@alevtinaskvortsova, 8 914 185 08 43): “I help to find and understand myself, my path and my calling according to the stars.”


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