Hilton Honors removes eleven airlines as transfer partners

The popular Hilton Honors loyalty program now has a few fewer airline partners to whom points can be transferred.

Hilton Honors has eliminated a total of eleven airlines as transfer partners from the in-house Hilton Honors loyalty program almost overnight, including among others loyaltylobby.com reported. While the eliminations are not too bad, it is much more Hilton’s way of making the changes. Especially if you look at the beginning of the frequent sleeper program.

From the unique selling point to compression

Hilton had a real innovation to help his program on the jumps: the so-called “Double Dip”. The idea was that with every stay you could collect airline miles and at the same time have points credited to the Hilton Honors loyalty program. That became kind of a USP of the Hilton program. However, in view of major changes, in particular the no longer fixed mileage and points values, Double Dip was discontinued in 2018. Nevertheless, Hilton Honors continued its cooperation with various airline partners, so that miles could still be earned with the hotel chain’s loyalty program.

Hilton Vienna Plaza

But Hilton Honors has made another major change. The frequent sleeper program almost secretly threw a total of eleven airline partners out of the program, to whom a point-to-mile transfer is no longer possible with immediate effect, including popular programs such as the Alaska MileagePlan and Avianca LifeMiles. As of June 15, Hilton Honors members can no longer transfer Hilton Honors points into airline miles with the following partners:

  • Aeroflot
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Avianca
  • Amtrak
  • Finnair
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Philippine Airlines
  • South African Airlines
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The transmission ratios were very bad for a long time. Since the option to convert 10,000 Honors Points into 1,000 miles was rather unattractive from the start, losing transfer partners will have limited effects for most.

Conclusion on the expulsion of various airline partners at Hilton Honors

While the news is of course bad, the loss of the partner airlines (and in Amtrak also a rail company) is not too bad, it is more the approach of the program not to officially announce anything of the changes in advance.


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