Green Montana unveils its new project, MELANCHOLIA 999 [Sons]

A little more than 6 months after his album Alaska, Green Montana is back with a new project, an EP called Melancholia 999.

Member of the 92i team since 2019, Green Montana continues to impose its universe on the French-speaking urban scene. After making a great impression with his 1st album Alaska released in October 2020 – which followed 2 maxi, Midnight blue and Metallic Orange released in 2018 – the native of Verviers in Belgium continued his hard work. After putting in images 2 pieces extracted from the project, To spoil everything – with Booba – and Palm Angels in November then in March, it quickly rebounded, swinging at the beginning of May, BB Part. 3, just days after announcing the imminent arrival of an EP titled Melancholia 999. Finally, 2 weeks ago, Green teamed up for the first time with SDM on Obviously, a song again accompanied by a very beautiful clip, a visual aspect to which it is particularly attached.

Green Montana and SDM are joining forces for the first time on Obviously [Clip]

A dual objective

The rapper from Clamart and another recent signature of the 92i is moreover the only guest of this EP composed of 9 tracks, proof that Green Montana is not really a fan of opuses composed of multiple featurings… moreover Booba was the only guest ofAlaska. Melancholia 999 appears in any case as a very good way for the artist to maintain the interest of the public around his music, while waiting for a 2nd album on which he has very probably already started to work. Obviously, if the objective is obviously that he can impose himself a little more within the game, he will hope that the good returns on these recent songs also materialize in the charts. The time has now come to discover Green Montana’s new project, available now on streaming platforms!

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Green Montana – MELANCHOLIA 999 :

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