Great-grandmother graduates from college at 78

A 78 year old woman He has just graduated from Liberal Studies from Samford University in Alabama, USA. His grandchildren and great-grandchildren were in charge of recording his graduation, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, and shared on YouTube, where it went viral.

“If I could have done cartwheels around the stage, I would have done it”, confessed Vivian Cunningham about the day you received your diploma. She spent six years working hard to fulfill her dream of being a professional, something not easy for a retired woman with three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

On graduation day, the woman wore a long purple gown, the classic cap and a red mask. The great-grandmother enjoyed one of the most important and significant moments of her life, in which she was accompanied by her family.

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“My friends have called me and have told me that it has motivated them. And some of the young people in my family also. They said that, if I could do it, they too” added the 78-year-old woman.

Vivian worked for 29 years as a janitor and then as a mailroom manager for the Alabama Power Company, before retiring in 1992.

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Vivian’s story has captivated thousands of YouTube users and other social networks that highlighted the perseverance of women.

* With information from La República.

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