Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra Natalya Komarova

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Dear fellow countrymen!

The year 2020 ends. He became a test for each of us, each family in the world.

The usual way of life has been changed. We were tested for strength, for loyalty to our principles and goals. Our solidarity, faith in friends, relatives, loved ones, the desire to achieve results remain unchanged.

I say thank you to our doctors, volunteers, entrepreneurs who work according to the principle: “Yugra does not abandon his own people, he stands for every countryman”.

Special thanks to those who protect us, ensure public order, produce oil, gas, build roads, housing, kindergartens and schools.

2020 is the Year of Memory and Glory, the Year of the 90th anniversary of the founding of our Autonomous Okrug. We honor the precepts of the first, keep the bright memory of the feats of the defenders of the Fatherland, we try to correspond to them.

In the outgoing year, Ugra oilmen produced the 12 billionth ton of oil and put into operation seven new fields. Ugra has been and remains one of the key fuel and energy and ecological centers in the world.

Our district is in the top ten regions in terms of quality of life, and in the top three in terms of socio-economic development. Our indicators of employment, industrial development correspond to the standards of the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

We are launching large-scale initiatives in key competencies for Russia and the world – genetic engineering, development of hard-to-recover oil reserves, creation of infrastructure for the development of the Russian Arctic zone.

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The next years – the second bridge across the Ob in the Surgut region. In 2021, PJSC Gazprom will start construction of the main gas pipeline to the city of Nefteyugansk. Construction of a new educational center will begin in Kogalym with the support of the oil company LUKOIL.

These are our bridges to the future.

2021 is the Year of Knowledge in Ugra. Intelligence, innovation, striving for discovery will become the basis for a new quality of life and development of the region.

Celebrating the New Year, we wholeheartedly want our families to bypass adversity and upheaval, so that our family and friends gather together as often as possible, at the same table, as on these holidays.

Anastasia Zainullina’s New Year’s fairy tale “A counter with miracles” contains the following thought: “There is a little magic in each of us. In the brightest corner of our heart. Where Faith, Hope and Love live ”.

A participant in the all-Russian action “Christmas tree of desires” our fellow countryman, 15-year-old Ilya from Yugorsk, made a wish so that on New Year’s Eve he could say “thanks” to the Ugra doctors.

Ilya is a special teenager, a prize-winner of the Paralympic Sports Festival, an active participant in creative festivals and competitions. Ilya’s beloved aunt took a hard hit with the coronavirus infection. The Ugra doctors rescued, they were leaving her. So this story is deeply personal for Ilya. May the wishes of Ilya and his wonderful family for health and well-being come true for all of us.

May everything be fine in every Ugra family in the New Year. Happy New Year, Yugra!

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