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In a lawsuit filed by Arizona against Google for Google’s attempt to illegally track Android users’ location, Google deliberately took steps to completely disable location tracking for users. Due to the complexity, it has been accused of allowing Google to get information even if it intended to opt out.

And regarding this proceeding newly reported by InsiderAccording to the disclosure document, Google tested Android with location information and other settings placed in a way that is easy for users to understand, but found that many users turned off location sharing, and Google considered this a “problem.” thing. It is said that the setting items were intentionally placed deep in the setting menu to prevent users who are unfamiliar with the operation from reaching them.

In addition, Google has taken various measures to collect user’s location information, for example, even for third-party apps that use Wi-Fi and location information, if you use it, you have to share the information with Google. He said he had to do it, and in some cases even asked for a smartphone to connect to Wi-Fi.

In addition, according to an Arizona lawyer, Google “pressured carefully” to embed it in an easily invisible place for mobile phone makers such as LG, saying that the location setting is too easy to understand. ..

Andorid 12 has improved user privacy settings to allow users to set up a “Privacy Dashboard” and set “Location Services Accuracy”. That said, if the proceedings are alleged, Google may have intended to collect data regardless of the intentions of Android users, which could be a tough court battle for Google.

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