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Simple appeals for a healthy lifestyle were not enough. Therefore, prize draws and lotteries have become part of this strategy. If earlier they gave beer in exchange for a shot or stickers – now “the rates have increased”.

Interesting An interesting way to encourage vaccinating is used in Poltava region

Gold prizes in Hong Kong

When the vaccination campaign in Hong Kong was just unfolding, the biggest material prize was a sticker that can be installed on Instagram. Now there, you can potentially win a Tesla or even an apartment in the most expensive housing market in the world for $ 1.4 million if you get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Moreover, in the same place in lotteries play out:

  • real gold bars;
  • diamond Rolex watch;
  • 100 thousand US dollars.

As noted by Bloomberg, the odds of winning are quite high compared to regular lotteries. So, the probability of winning the main prize of the Hong Kong lottery is approximately 1 in 14 million. But the chances of an apartment can be 1 in 2.1 million – and this is only if all fully vaccinated citizens take part in the lottery.

Moreover, the Hong Kong authorities are exempt from tax on income from lotteries, in contrast to the United States.

What is being offered in the USA now

However, it’s not just Hong Kong that companies are trying to push people to get vaccinated. For example, residents of West Virginia, which in the United States can receive lifetime hunting license to carry weapons, as well as guns.

In Alabama, those vaccinated were offered the opportunity to drive on the high-speed track.

In North Carolina, people who have their first dose of vaccine were paid 25 dollars – for a region with a low income, this was a rather effective step. Other ways to stimulate vaccinations are advertising, influencer calls, and restrictions.

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In Ukraine, they are encouraged through SMS and kitchen utensils

The Ukrainian vaccine company is also making headway. For example, local authorities in Poltava decided to use not a new, but interesting way to encourage their residents to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Promotional SMS messages are sent there. Previously, it was also planned to hold some kind of prize drawing to encourage people to get vaccinated.

In Ternopil, 100 thousandth patient in the region was vaccinated against coronavirus. For this she presented a kitchen set.


In Russia, one company even promised to donate snowmobiles those who of the workers are vaccinated. Also raffled off for the car Hyundai Solaris.

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