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Two thieves entered a house in order to steal a 100-kilogram tortoise. After being discovered by the owner, they fled in his truck. However, during the flight They killed ‘Jasmine’, the 27-year-old tortoise.

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It happened in the early morning of June 7 in Phoenix, Arizona. Aboard a truck, the thieves entered the home of Jerry Fife, who is dedicated to raising Galapagos tortoises.

In the yard they found ‘Jasmine’, a huge Galapagos tortoise weighing about 100 kilos. As can be seen in the images captured by the security camera, They tried to drag her to the pan of the vehicleBut given the weight and size of ‘Jasmine’ the undertaking was extremely difficult.

Galapagos tortoise killed during robbery in Arizona

(Image: Special)

In the middle of the theft, Jerry Fife rebuked the thieves, who escaped. Unfortunately, During the escape, the truck circled inside the yard and crushed ‘Jasmine’.

According to Fife told local media, he immediately took the turtle to a specialist vet, but the damage was catastrophic. ‘Jasmine’ did not survive the run over.

On the motives for the theft, Fife explained that in the United States a Galapagos tortoise can sell for several tens of thousands of dollars.

Galapagos tortoise killed during robbery in Arizona

(Image: Special)

Either way, the real loss is not monetary but personal. After 27 years together, ‘Jasmine’ was one more member of their family.

“That turtle was with me longer than anyone else in my life,” Jerry Fife declared through tears.

Thieves Run Over 200-Pound Galapagos Tortoise

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