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All of them went through the war, took place in a peaceful life and, despite their venerable age, retained vigor and optimism. Correspondents of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” visited veterans from Sochi, Khabarovsk and Saratov. And they learned the secrets of their longevity. In three words, this is movement, optimism and love.

A firm handshake

Shortly before the Victory Day, the Thousand became centenary. Sochi veteran Nikolai Danilovich Tysyachniy is one hundred years old. The front-line soldier does not like to remember about the war years, only noting that it was “a very difficult time.”

He was demobilized with the rank of major of the medical service. Studied. In 1958 he came to Sochi, where he worked as the chief physician at the Krasnaya Polyana hospital, as a surgeon at the Sochi oncological dispensary, and as a department manager at the Ordzhonikidze sanatorium. The thousandth has written many articles for specialized publications. And he developed techniques for the treatment of the spine and joints.

As for longevity, Nikolai Danilovich eats regularly, but eats in moderation. And every day he devotes time to sports. “I wake up early, at about six in the morning,” says the front-line soldier. “Then I fall asleep again for a little while, then I get up, wash, have breakfast and take dumbbells in my hands. This is my life.”

Dumbbells, quite heavy, lie under the bed in plain sight. The 100-year-old veteran easily demonstrates the exercises with them. At home he is cozy and warm. Before the anniversary, the city authorities carried out a major overhaul in the one-room apartment of the front-line soldier. As we say goodbye, Nikolai Danilovich shakes my hand tightly.

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Optimism is key

Nikolai Mikhailovich Khristoforov from Khabarovsk is 93 years old. In 1945 he served as a submachine gunner on the 1st Far Eastern Front. Participated in the Soviet-Japanese war, reached Harbin. He was wounded and met the end of the Second World War in the hospital.

Despite his venerable age, he leads an active lifestyle, almost every day he goes in for Scandinavian walking, gets up on skis in winter. He is also a great optimist and loves to surprise passers-by by walking in a T-shirt with the image of the rock band Amatory.

The veteran wrote down his congratulations on Victory Day especially for the readers of Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

He signed for the Reichstag

Machine gunner Pyotr Kolchin defended Leningrad and stormed Berlin in an armored train. Now Peter Dmitrievich is 96 years old. Lives in Saratov.

After the storming of Berlin, the crews of the armored trains were stationed in the metropolitan area of ​​Rumelsburg. “When the radio broadcast the message of surrender, who cried, who started dancing,” the veteran recalls.

With friends we went to the Reichstag, on the walls of which many people left their autographs these days. “There was an inscription” We are from Penza! “

From the army, Pyotr Dmitrievich was demobilized only in 1949. He continued his service in the railway troops. And then his whole life was connected with railway transport.

At the Sawmill station he met his future wife. A younger sister was supposed to come to a local resident. There was no stop at the Andijan-Moscow train. And the woman persuaded Kolchin for a long time to stop the train. Peter agreed. His future wife was on that train, although he did not know about it then. Fate. They lived in harmony and love for many years. Pyotr Dmitrievich buried his wife in 2008. He has four grandchildren and already three great-grandchildren.

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And machine gunner Pyotr Kolchin still dreams of war.


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