From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego on a 1956 Citroën

Citroën Terra America Adventure is the name chosen by the doctor of science Fanny Adam for a journey that will take her to travel the American continent for a year and a half. This adventure, which is backed by Citroën Y The Citroën Adventure, will start in Alaska and it will end in Land of Fire after traversing 14 countries, cover 40,000 kilometers and visit 21 native peoples on his way down the famous highway Pan-American, the longest in the world.

Citroën Terra America Adventure Citroën Terra America Adventure The other protagonist of the odyssey is a Citroën 11B Grand Raid Traction 1956, which was chosen for the qualities of its preparation for raids. Produced at the Javel factory in April 1956, the model was purchased by Robert Muller in 2005.

Muller adapted the car to participate in great expeditions around the world traveling on roads of Australia, Morocco, Russia, Italy, the north Europe, Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand, The Andes, Sardinia, Corsica, Greece, Portugal Y Sicily.

The car was modified year after year thanks to the experience acquired by all the participants in these events. The end result is considered a great achievement in this field. From these trips, the car has been completely overhauled and its engine rebuilt.

Citroën Terra America Adventure Citroën Terra America Adventure The Traction Avant is a legendary model. In addition to a single stream, brought together the most modern solutions of the time in a single vehicle, such as a monocoque structure built entirely in steel, hydraulic brakes and independent suspension on all four wheels.

Introduced in 1934, its robustness and mechanical simplicity made it an extraordinary rally car and it remains so even today, more than 80 years after its launch. In addition, its appeal has grown over the years, both in France and in the rest of the world.

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“We are launching a challenge like those organized by André Citroën! The Citroën Terra America Adventure has all the ingredients to awaken the imagination as much as the Citroën cruisers did “, declared Stéhane Barbat, Citroën Alliance Director.

“Our organization works to preserve, share and bring to life the fabulous history of Citroën, which has revolutionized the automotive industry since 1919. We are delighted to support this project with the help of clubs around the world.”added Xavier Crespin, Director General of L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS.

Citroën Terra America Adventure Citroën Terra America Adventure Adam will have two photographers as co-pilot: Gaëlle Paillart, for the route between Prudhoe Bay and Los Angeles; Y Maéva Bardy, who will continue to Ushuaia. “The aesthetic charm of the Traction Avant will be a real asset for the positive encounters in which it will participate”Adam admitted.

“We are delighted to have Citroën, the L’Aventure Citroën organization, the Citroën dealership in Vannes and Amicale Citroën Internationale, which brings together Citroën clubs from outside France, in our project. I want to thank you for your trust and your invaluable help “added the head of the Citroën Terra America Adventure expedition.

The journey, which can be followed here, will start at the beginning of July. The first stage will be in North America and will run until September 2021. The following, in Central and South America, will be organized in the same spirit, without being a race or having an arrival date. Latin America will cross between January and May 2022 and South America between October 2022 and January 2023.

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