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For the fourteenth birthday of their doggie

Dakota is the beloved dog of the Christopher family.

When the Christopher family lost their previous pooch, they decided to save another animal in need. They traveled from Florida to Alabama to adopt a little puppy named Dakota, and since then he has been a full member of their family.

A very pampered dog

Dakota has an amazing and adventurous life. He lived with his family in Florida, Costa Rica and the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

One of his favorite places has always been the beach: since he was a puppy he loves to have fun in the waves. He loves the beach so much that his family take him there every year for his birthday and throw a very special party for him.

Now that Dakota is older, he no longer has the energy to run around the beach. His family make sure to make each birthday extra special, to show Dakota how much he means to them.

An extraordinary birthday

This year, for Dakota’s 14th birthday, her family had a brilliant idea to let the world know it was her birthday – they hung a sign on the passenger side of their car. The doggie was at the window of the car, and did not miss a beat of the show.

They circled the neighborhood so Dakota could get the attention of passers-by.

Dakota was thrilled with all the love people gave him and he made the most of his birthday!

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