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[VoiceofHopeJune92021](Compiled by our reporter Yuning)After the Republican governors of Florida and Alabama announced the ban on the use of vaccine passports in their states, Texas Governor Greg Abbott also announced on Monday (June 7) that Texas banned the use of vaccine passports.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, Albert stated in a video on June 7 that the Texas government hopes that the people of the state will have the freedom to go anywhere without restrictions. Therefore, Texas bans the use of vaccine passports to ensure that Texas 100% open.

He warned that no business or government entity in Texas may require someone to provide a vaccine passport or any other information about vaccines before providing someone with a certain service or allowing someone to enter a place. Companies that violate this state law may lose their contracts with the Texas government. In addition, state agencies can make compliance with the ban as a condition for a company to obtain a permit or license.

Albert also announced that two people died of the Chinese Communist virus in the state on Sunday (June 6), and the hospitalization rate of Chinese Communist virus patients in the state is still at a 13-month low. He said, “Good job, Texan.”

The report said that Republican-controlled states such as Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, South Carolina, and South Dakota have also introduced similar policies against vaccine passports.

The White House stated that the federal government will not require all Americans to have a vaccine certificate. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated on April 6 that the US federal government “will not and will not support a system that requires Americans to hold vaccine certificates. And the US government will not release a federal vaccine database. .”

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However, some Democratic-controlled states have introduced laws similar to vaccine passports. Although some laws stipulate that when an event with less than 250 people is held, participants do not need to show proof of vaccination, and bars and restaurants are not allowed to enter bars and restaurants without passports, but these laws also stipulate that people who have been vaccinated should be in bars. There is no need to maintain social distancing when parties are held in restaurants, and there is a six-foot distance between those who have not been vaccinated.

Some event organizers in New York require participants to show an electronic vaccination certificate with their mobile phones. The New York Stadium is also planning to divide the auditorium into two parts, an unvaccinated area and a vaccinated area, and leave more space for those who have been vaccinated. At the same time, vaccinators will not be required to wear masks or maintain social distancing.

Since New York City’s bars and restaurants were allowed to open 100% on May 19, they have also taken different measures. In some restaurants and bars, the indoor seats are completely reserved for vaccinated persons, while the outdoor seats are reserved for those who have not been vaccinated; others leave the hall on the first floor for vaccinated persons, and only part of the second floor for those who have not been vaccinated. By.

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