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LOS ANGELES – Maná vocalist Fher Olvera, singer Alejandro Fernández and Anthony Fauci have teamed up in an effort to get the Latino community vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

National Action Month will help mobilize the race to reach the goal of 70 percent of adults in the United States having at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The intention is that by July 4 even more people can have the protection they need to be safe from this pandemic that has killed nearly 600,000 Americans.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating for all communities across the country especially for the Hispanic community,” said Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases.

This is the third social collaboration between Fher and Alejandro in the last year. During the 2020 Presidential election, the two joined forces in support of “Vota por Nosotros,” which encouraged the Latino community to register and vote.

The effort focused on states with a large Latino population such as Nevada, Arizona and Georgia, which were decisive in the results of the election.

Earlier this year Olvera and Fernández joined forces again, this time in support of immigrant rights in the “We Are Home” campaign calling for just and equitable immigration reform.

Now, they have joined their voices to encourage their fans across the United States to get vaccinated for the good of the entire community.

The Administration’s efforts will focus on what we know works best to ensure that everyone has equitable access to the vaccine: person-to-person actions that connect people to key resources and information such as Vaccines.gov.

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The Month of Action will include calls and texts to people in areas with low vaccination rates and murals in neighborhoods near clinics where people can be vaccinated immediately.

Over the next month, national organizations, local government leaders, religious and community leaders, businesses, employers, public figures, celebrities, athletes, schools, youth, and thousands of volunteers across the nation will work together to get their communities vaccinated.


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