Fangoria returns to techno rhythm with “Pop Existentialism”

The duo formed by Alaska and Nacho Canut returns with a new EP under the name of “Existentialism pop”. Brief but intense.

Fangoria returns to music today with a new job. His eleventh project bets on electropop and, also, on the labyrinthine lyrics that his followers like so much. However, this time, a collection of five songs titled “Pop existentialism”. This is the first of a series of works in this short format that will be launched throughout the year and that will be “three or four” as revealed by the group in an interview with the shanghai magazine. In fact, this first EP has already been on sale since June 4, both in physical and digital format.

It should be noted that the name coincides with the acronym for EP. So, the “E” it would be for “Existentialism” and the “P” in order to “pop”. Still, the decision to release an EP instead of a full album is motivated by reflections raised during confinement. Among them, the strategy of not planning anything in the long term and living in the present.

In addition, the cover is designed by the Argentine artist Juan Gatti. As progress was made, “Pop existentialism”Is on sale in the following formats: digital edition, CD digipack edition and, finally, a white vinyl edition that also includes the CD support and sheet signed by Fangoria.

The first advance was “Absolute momentism”. The name of the single comes from a statement by Argentine star Moria Casán, who inspired the group by expressing that he lived in “absolute momentism”.

A piece written and produced together with a regular like Guille milkyway leader of indie pop group The blue House. In turn, this single was accompanied by a video clip signed by Diego Trenas. The visual form is reminiscent of the science fiction aesthetics of the 60s and 70s. Specifically, it is inspired by the 1961 series, The Avengers.

The rest of the songs are: “Phantasmagoria”, “Satanism, abstract art and rock n’roll”, “Satanism, abstract art and technopop” Y “Satanism and abstract art and acid house”. These last three tracks are actually the same but produced in three different musical styles as their titles indicate.

The first time to see Fangoria live will be on Saturday July 3 in Pedralbes (Barcelona). There are more dates closed.

The latest project of Alaska Y Nacho Canut it was to celebrate their 30th anniversary with a double album. The first of the two albums was “Extrapolations and two questions (1989-2000)“In which they covered their favorite Spanish songs that emerged in those three decades. The first volume was dedicated to the nineties: OBK, Family, Ku Minerva, Corcobado O The planets. Then came the second “Extrapolations and two responses (2001 -2019) “.

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