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We advise you to locate the ideal elizabeth montgomery bikini that highlights your body.

Bikinis that have 2 tones, with slightly brighter colors, reduce the length of the torso and make your waist appear much narrower.

And the V-shaped necklines, horizontal stripes and models with somewhat high cuts on the legs, are ideal design elements for women with long torsos.

When selecting the top, opt for a two-piece, for example an underwired triangle or any other style that gives more relief to your chest. Dare to wear an elizabeth montgomery bikini with fringes or why not? frills. In addition, straight straps will give you more shape to your shoulders.

We find many models of bikini that can highlight all the figures. It is essential to understand that bikinis can be adjusted to all body types.

You have a strong chest, shoulders a little square, therefore the right thing to do is to highlight your femininity by emphasizing your waist.

It’s important to draw eyes to your breasts and make the crowd forget about your lower body.

Wash it with cold or warm water, more indicated by hand and with soap or better, with shampoo.

For the bottom part, combine the low cut designs that are going to make your legs look really slim.

It is obvious that if you want a quality elizabeth montgomery bikini and really molded to your body model, we will need to pay a little much more.

Forget that the shapes hide as if by magic if they cover them.

Incredible vertical stripes and excellent prints are ideal.

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The good thing about wearing an elizabeth montgomery bikini is that the bottom piece and the top piece can be exchanged for higher or much smaller measurements.

If you have a large bust, it is essential that you increase one size more to the top of your bikini.

To hide a roundness, we select “well-placed” patterns to serve as an example, if the pattern we choose is located on the abdomen, it makes it possible to camouflage the roundness of our belly.

To highlight a somewhat large bust, choose a square neckline and avoid bikinis that are quite low cut.

The most prominent bikinis for a small chest

For a small bust, the halter tops will make it easier for you to enhance the bust, in the same way the triangle tops, but also the points such as using ruffles and the enveloping style are perfect. An elizabeth montgomery bikini with a lightly padded bra and tops that incorporate underwire gives you a reliable cleavage and also emphasizes what you have.

Penultimate tip: avoid a bandeau top with front hardware or even a tank top.


The nice thing about a slightly smaller bust is the ability to wear a one shoulder bikini elizabeth montgomery and not bulge in the wrong places. The monokini has cutouts that are subtle and adjustable ties at both the waist and the shoulder, so that you can shape it as you need it most.

Ruffle bikini with hook closure

One way to emphasize your top is by using ruffles. The ribbed finish on the bottom and the cute ruffles give it an elegant note, but it is also flexible and comfortable.

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Its padded cups give it a bit of height, but we can also extract them. It’s amazing for a summer getaway or to enjoy a day at the pool.


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