Eating and drinking establishment reopens in England, England –Miyanichi e-press

April 12, 2021 15:56

[London joint]On the 12th in England, which occupies most of the population of the four regions that make up the UK, the lockdown (city blockade) due to the spread of the new coronavirus was significantly eased, and the restaurant opened for the first time in about three months. Business has resumed only outdoors.

In addition to retail stores and barber shops that handle items other than daily necessities, sports gyms, indoor pool operations, libraries, amusement parks, and zoos have also reopened. In the UK, where vaccination is progressing, the infection situation is improving, and the British government aims to normalize the lives of citizens.

Prime Minister Johnson said he would go to a pub, a traditional British social gathering place, on the 12th, but withdrew after the death of Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, according to British media.

[Photo]Customers entering a retail store in Birmingham, central England on the 12th in a line (Reuters = joint)


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