Dutch cheese is produced in Akmola region

KOKSHETAU. KAZINFORM – Agriculture is the driver of the development of the region’s economy. Livestock breeding is actively developing, which is carried out in two main areas – meat and dairy. One of the largest enterprises in the region engaged in the processing of dairy products, the production of meat products and semi-finished products can be called Aibat LLP of the Zhaksy region, which is part of Agrofirma TNK LLP, Kazinform reports with reference to the press service of the internal policy department.

The products of this processing enterprise are known far beyond the borders of the republic. On the territory of the LLP there are 3 production workshops for milk, meat processing and restoration. The processing of meat products with a capacity of 1 ton per day is carried out, which makes it possible to produce high-quality meat products. In addition, the processing of dairy products with a capacity of 20 tons per day has been established.

The so-called Zhaksynsky cheese produced according to Dutch technology is especially popular. As the chief technologist of the enterprise Galina Valabueva notes, natural whole milk is used in the manufacture of cheese, without adding flavor enhancers and other additives, which affects the high quality and demand of the product.

“The cheese ripens for 45 days, we turn it over and paint it by hand with a brush every day. In short, we take care of it like a small child. Craftsmen came from Holland, they taught us exactly according to the Dutch technology, ”says the chief technologist.

Making such cheese is a whole science. According to the employees of the enterprise, cheese is made under a special temperature regime, heating level; during production, they try to preserve the taste of whole milk. It is this production technology and the sensitivity and love that cheese producers put into the product that make it so unique.

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“We always treat any distinguished guest with our cheese. It is a kind of brand that makes our area recognized, ”says local resident Ivan Ivanov.

Aibat cheese in 2010 became the winner in the nomination “The best product of Kazakhstan”.

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