Durand Jones & The Indications. Soul, funk e jazz, pensando a Stevie Wonder ⋆ MUSICLETTER.IT

Durand Jones & The Indications are one of the fundamental realities of the new American soul scene, a formation of absolute value that can count on artists of the highest level such as the singer Durand Jones, the drummer and backing vocalist / singer Aaron Frazer, the guitarist Blake Rhein, the keyboard player Steve Okonski and the bass player Mike Montgomery.

On July 30th, the new album by the American formation entitled Dead Oceans will be released Private Space.

Private Space follows the excellent American Love Call of 2019 and introduces novelties in the sound of the Bloomington, Indiana band.

Listening to this first single, Love Will Work It Out, extracted from the new album there is no doubt: we are facing the best soul in circulation.

Soul music full of funk and jazz, and with the smell of disco music.

However Durand Jones says he just wants people listening to the new album to close their eyes and forget where it is, because this is music written to relax and enjoy, like that of Stevie Wonder. (The editorial staff)

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