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The singer Divannfame takes his music on a walk around the world through the Around the World project, of which he premiered the song “Following the heart”.

Daniel Iván Chávez Pérez, originally from Guadalajara, and known in the artistic world as Divannfame, started this project in 2013 with songs of his own that he captured in videos that he has made in different countries.

The first video was recorded in New York, the idea was born in a pool, explains the artist. Later, he made other videos, and that was when he set a goal of making 30 video clips. It already has 15 made, of which eight are already available on social networks and music platforms.

Divannfame shared that he is very happy with what he has accomplished. A year, try to submit two or three videos. For the singer, it is like fulfilling a dream, since he can publicize music of his own, and he is grateful to be an independent artist, because it gives him that creative freedom in many aspects.

The piano is one of the instruments that inspires the singer-songwriter, whose recordings are in English because his intention is to reach the greatest number of people.

But that is not why he has put aside singing in Spanish, because he has already started working in this language, and he is also very anxious and eager to reach the Italian market.

The singer explains that the Divannfame Around The Word project consists of releasing each single.

Daniel Iván Chávez’s career began 20 years ago, inspired by his father, who was a musician, pianist and electronic musician in the 1980s. He is grateful to his father for inspiring his love for this career and the decision he made as for what he wanted to do in life.

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In the beginning he was attracted to classical music, although he was disappointed when a teacher told him that he was no longer old enough to do so, and that was when he decided to make his own music.

Where does his artistic name come from, explains that it is born from his name Daniel Iván and from the word fame.

But the most real meaning for him is to reach the whole world: “touch people, you never know who you can make happy …”.

“It is like a galaxy, a new era of love where things are possible,” added the man from Guadalajara.

The trips he makes and the expenses to produce his videos have been borne by him, and it is the result of working hard selling records, music cards, and even going to flea markets. He also remembers that when he lived in Spain he sold his music house to house. Emotion overwhelms him with the release of the song “Following the heart”, which he performs in Spanish.

The letter deals with a reconciliation with the couple and with oneself.

“Follow your heart, there is no time to complain and complain, we will be happy every day, it is an attitude.”

In three countries

The video for the song was made in Iceland, Alaska and New York, and he has a special guest: a stuffed toy of the Pink Panther, a character he loved as a child.

Inspiration comes from what is happening in his life and what he feels. The Divannfame project has no completion date, it will be “until God allows it …”

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For a year Divannfame put its video recordings on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The artist urged you to share his music and follow him on his social networks and on the YouTube video platform.— Claudia Sierra Medina

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