Despite vaccination efforts, they extend the closure of the southern border | Video | Univision Phoenix KTVW

Mexican tourists, how possiblewhat is it with suitcase in hand andhope that they hadproposals, but it was not.reporter: despite effortsof vaccination in both countries,has reached the decision thattheclosure of borders,leaving thousands of tourists fromsectioned.>> already with suitcases, with plans,but we think that now withopen a little wings.just as this wave awaited us.reporter: other touristsMexicans for their part takeadvantage of aerial form, sinceis the way to get to the countryquote the reason for travel noit is an essential activity.>> already with time to grasp ,.reporter: it’s importantemphasize that more than 70% ofvillage incomefrontiersmen come in theirmost from Mexico, it is forThat is what we consult, what is it?doing the part of the government.>> as you know, it is a themefederal in the state, follow himreporting to people theirdecisions from washington, lapresident’s administrationbiden, the impact it has.reporter: there are also thosethey say that under theadministration toé thismanagement, there are wingstransparency by thegovernment.Haas we saw that, aílafederal capital was intucson, is that it is thousands ofTucson kiometers, and thepeople here with no one, from therede arizona, de texas, deCalifornia is demandinganswers to that situation, nothey are going to give them.reporter: now there is onlywait until August 21 to

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