Delivered Airbus A220 number 50 manufactured in Alabama

Delta Air Lines received the 50th Airbus A220 aircraft manufactured in the plant Mobile, Alabama.

The North American company is currently the largest client of this program, with a total of 95 aircraft on order, and will be the first operator of the variants A220-100 y A220-300 In America.

Delta received its first unit A220 in October 2018 and made the first flight with passengers in February 2019, covering the route between LaGuardia International Airport, New York, to Boston.

Not all Airline A220s were assembled in Mobileas the manufacturer began manufacturing this program on US soil in October 2020.

According to Airbus, This aircraft is the quietest, cleanest and most environmentally friendly in its category. Generate a 50% less noise than previous generation aircraft, consume 25% less fuel per seat and emit 50% less NOx (polluting mixture of nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2)) compared to industry standards.

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