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The Arizona Republic has released more details from the previous report. MEGADETH bass player David Ellefson filed with the Scottsdale, Arizona Police Department, alleging illegal distribution of sexually explicit images of Ellefson by unknown criminals.

In the report, Ellefson He admitted that he had been sexting with a Dutch teenager who had captured video of their encounters without his consent. The bassist said he met the woman when signing autographs at a 2019 concert in the Netherlands. They became friends and continued chatting through social media. The second time he saw her in person was in February 2020, when they met in the lobby of a Dutch hotel for coffee and a soft drink. He said there was no physical contact and that they only had a conversation. He also claimed that there has never been any physical sexual contact between the two.

According to Ellefson, their interactions with the woman did not turn sexual until “July or August” of 2020, when they engaged in “a consensual virtual sexual encounter” for the first time in Facebook Messenger. The woman would be 19 years old at the time of her first virtual sexual encounter. “He said they had four to five masturbation encounters,” the report says. The last sexual encounter online was around February 2021.

The 56-year-old Ellefson, who lives in Scottsdale, first learned of the video, which was taken by the woman without her knowledge or consent using the video feature on Facebook Messenger – on May 9, when the claim «David Ellefson from MEGADETH is a pedophile «appeared in Instagram.

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Ellefson told the police that MEGADETHManagement was informed of the allegation, and management informed the bassist that the accuser had harassed other members of MEGADETH in the past and advised him to ‘stay put’ as it would probably ‘pass’. Two hours later, the video of Ellefson masturbating went online and quickly went viral.

Ellefson told police he was notified on May 14 by MEGADETH that the gang would part ways with him. Three days later, which would have been May 17, according to the timeline provided by the Republic of Arizona – he was fired.

May 24th, Dave Mustaine – who formed MEGADETH with Ellefson in 1983 – he announced the bassist’s departure from the band, saying: “We do not make this decision lightly. Although we do not know all the details of what happened, with an already strained relationship, what has already been revealed now is enough to make it work together impossible to move forward » Mustaine wrote. Two days later, Ellefson issued a follow-up statement promising to file a “defamation lawsuit” against the person who “illegally posted a very private video” of the bassist and made “false accusations” against him. He also said he was working with Scottsdale police “in their investigation of the charges related to revenge pornography that will be brought against the person who posted the video. This person will be prosecuted with the full weight of the law. Ellefson wrote. He went on to say that he was “taking this time to be with my family” and wished his “bandmates” well on their next tour.

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MEGADETH has yet to announce a replacement for Ellefson, who was in the band from its inception in 1983 to 2002, and again from 2010 to its last game.

David, who became a Lutheran pastor nearly a decade ago, and his wife Julie Ellefson They have been married for 27 years. They have two kids, Roman Alexander (25) and Atenea Grace (22).

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