Dava showed his dressing room in “House-2”, which previously belonged to Olga Buzova

13:32, 10.06.2021

The blogger took over the premises that belonged to the ex-lover, a month after she left the TV set.

28-year-old David Manukyan posted a video on his microblog on Instagram, which captures the interior of his dressing room at the Dom-2 project. Previously, the premises for almost 13 years were occupied by Dava’s former lover Olga Buzova. In April 2021, the singer announced her intention to leave the TV show, and in May, David took her place on the project.

“I’m already a successful presenter at my favorite job,” Manukyan boasted, showing on the video his regalia and posters that hang on the walls of the dressing room. It is noteworthy that along with the photographs of David himself, the room of the host of the TV set is decorated with a poster with Alisher Morgenstern. Dawa jokingly called the rapper “my favorite.”

Dava showed his dressing room on the project “Dom-2”, which previously belonged to Olga Buzova

Earlier David Manukyan shared his emotions about his new job: “It was always interesting to try himself as a host of a large-scale show. Reality “Dom-2″ ideally suited this role, as this is a show about people, relationships and love. I love everything real, but they don’t have a script! ” Dava also said that he was not interested in Buzova’s opinion about the changes that had taken place on the TV set.

Recall that David Manukyan and Olga Buzova met for two years. The couple’s romance began with an acquaintance on the set, when Dava took part in the video for “Liker”. The final of the video was marked by a passionate scene in bed, which became a prerequisite for rumors about the relationship of the performers. Initially, the singer denied everything, but soon admitted that she and her colleague on the site really had feelings for each other.

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Olga Buzova and Dava met on the set of the video “Liker”

Olga Buzova said that Dava was the initiator of the relationship. He unexpectedly flew to her in Sochi, but the singer took part in the filming and could not give him time. Manukyan assured that he would wait for the star, and upon his return to the capital, he met her in a suit with a bouquet of flowers. This melted the heart of the socialite, and they began to meet.

Olga and David Manukyan often published joint photos, appeared as a couple and released compositions. In 2021, the wedding of stars took place in the Maldives, which cost them 50 thousand rubles. The ritual was symbolic, since in Russia such a wedding ceremony has no legal force.

Olga Buzova and Dava, photo from a wedding in the Maldives

After the wedding, Olga Buzova and David Manukyan celebrated the singer’s 35th birthday together. And on the eve of the showman publicly congratulated his beloved in his microblog on Instagram and confessed his love to her: “Today is a special day. A little girl was born that I love. Kind, sweet, affectionate, tasty, sympathetic, caring and my most stubborn. You changed my life with your appearance, melted the ice in my heart and gave me love … I am grateful to you for that, the best … even though you and I are a couple of crazy, but know that I am always there. You finally turned 18 years old and everything is just beginning for you, go to your goal with glowing eyes, and we are next to you, we will help you, you know everything … I love you, my stubborn goat “(the author’s spelling and punctuation are given unchanged. – Prim. a row.).

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However, immediately after the holiday, it became known that the relationship between Dava and Buzova had ended. The ex-lovers unsubscribed from each other on Instagram, and the singer publicly accused the ex of assault and abuse. “I blocked it, and if you love me, you will do it too,” the star said with tears in her eyes. Buzova admitted that the break with Manukyan became very painful for her. She developed health problems and mood swings. To put herself in order, the singer took a break from her creative activity and went to rest in nature.

A shot from Olga Buzova’s Stories after breaking up with Dava

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