Cruises set sail with the plan to afloat in 2022

After 15 consecutive months without cruises on the Covid-19, Mexico will once again receive these giants of mar that left income of 626 million dollars in 2019.

Operated by Royal Caribbean International, the Adventure of the Seas will depart this Saturday from the Bahamas, in a seven-day tour that includes arriving in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, on Wednesday of the following week. It will be the first tourist cruise to set sail in America during the pandemic, as the company has transported more than 60 thousand passengers from Singapore since last November.

For departure from the Bahamas, the entire crew has been vaccinated and passengers 16 years of age and older must also be vaccinated.

“We are delighted to be sailing again and for us Cozumel is a fundamental point, because when a person decides on an itinerary in the Caribbean, Cozumel is an obligatory stop”, he explained Alberto Muñoz Quiros, vice president of Royal Caribbean for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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“I have no doubt that Cozumel will once again become the world’s premier cruise destination. At Royal we will do everything possible so that the island once again plays that leading role, “he told THE UNIVERSAL.

He stressed that, in general, demand of cruise ships It took off like a rocket in recent weeks, especially for Mexico.

“It will depend on the ports where we are working with governments, but based on what we have observed, I can say that by 2022 demand will have levels similar to 2018, before the pandemic and which was strong,” anticipated the manager of the considered largest line of world cruises.

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Recognized for being the largest island in Mexico, Cozumel received 474 million dollars each year due to the arrival of cruise passengers, whose market employed almost 12 thousand people before the pandemic. “We are happy to bring these travelers to reactivate Cozumel’s economy,” said Muñoz Quiros.

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At the beginning of last February, the Cozumel Business Coordinating Council asked the president Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador urgently attend to “a humanitarian crisis” that is being experienced in that municipality of Quintana Roo.

In an official letter in which it listed a series of actions and points to be discussed, the council cited the reports issued by the University of Quintana Roo They point out that the tourist crash caused the loss of more than 80% of the sources of employment, so that Cozumelean families live in precarious situations. “We are one of the three municipalities with the greatest loss of employment in the country.”

Potential in the Pacific

In addition to Cozumel, Muñoz Quiros highlighted that the Mexican Pacific is highly sought after not only by North Americans, but by Latinos, so it is expected that the Navigator of the Seas set sail in November from Los Angeles, to the ports of Ensenada, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

“People want to take the trip of a lifetime and do not want to wait any longer, that is, they are willing to increase their spending for a superior cabin on cruise ships, or they plan to take a longer trip than before. This is being seen in 2021, after many people witnessed the fragility of life for the Covid-19, while others had saved money to go on vacation and could not do so due to the pandemic, “he explained.

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Royal Caribbean announced his return to state United, its main market, for next month. It kicks off July 2 in Miami, the cruise capital of the world, with Freedom of the Seas sailing to the Bahamas. The next day, July 3, the new Odyssey of the Seas will debut, bound for the Caribbean. On July 19 the Serenade of the Seas a Alaska from Seattle. There will be more cruises from August, which include international ports on the other side of the Atlantic, such as Barcelona and Rome.

For Muñoz Quiros, the fact that tourist staff are vaccinated greatly influences the mood of travelers, as do health protocols. In this sense, he said that the air conditioning system on cruise ships was improved so that fresh wind enters directly from the ocean, whose filters allow cleaning a cabin 12 times and a public area 15 to 20 times.

The company also expanded the facilities of the medical team, as well as the personnel in charge, whose medical devices are the same as those used in a hospital. “The goal is that our passengers can feel even safer than in their own home.”


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