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14:11 September 20, 2021.

“Today my son came home from school and asked me to enroll him in the sports section. He complained that many of his classmates attend training, and he is like a black sheep among them.” You cannot disagree with the opinion of your child. Sport allows children to develop physically, build willpower and learn to overcome difficulties. But when enrolling a son or daughter in a sports school or section, we often worry: will the coach discourage him from playing his chosen sport at an early stage of training? Irina Ulitina, senior coach of the ski racing department of the SShOR ZVS of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, answers these and other questions to the IA Sakh.kom correspondent.

– Personally, I was born and lived my entire adult life on Sakhalin. And as long as I can remember, cross-country skiing was and remains the number one sport in the region.

– Cross-country skiing as a sport has existed in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for over 60 years. Today our department is part of the sports school of the Olympic winter sports reserve. I have no doubt you know that the school has trained dozens of masters of sports over the years. Among the pupils were members of the national team of the country, prize-winners and winners of all-Russian and international competitions in cross-country skiing. Most importantly, the school has a history and traditions. From my work experience, I can safely say that in the Soviet school of training skiers-racers there were many interesting things, this allowed athletes to achieve excellent results in competitions of the highest level. Times are different today. New technologies came in in ski equipment, in the system of preparing skiers for competitions. And in our work we try not to sweep aside the positive experience of old Soviet developments, on the contrary, we combine them with modern ones. And it should be noted that this gives a positive result. Yes, athletic performance is an important part of any coach’s work. However, in my opinion, sport is, first of all, a unique means of education.

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– Let’s say my grandson is 8 years old. Can I bring him to your sports school and enroll him in the cross-country skiing section?

– Officially, we are recruiting children at the age of 9 to the cross-country skiing section. But since our sport, like all others, is getting younger, we accept boys and girls from the age of 8. As you can imagine, this is a kind of preparation for the child to be able to pass certain sports standards for physical fitness and then be enrolled in our sports school. Many times we raised the issue at meetings of various levels to allow children to be officially admitted to school at an earlier age, but, unfortunately, they have not yet heard us.

– There are a lot of stereotypes around your sport. In your opinion, why is your sport interesting and useful for kids?

– Cross-country skiing is unique in that during the training process we can include a huge amount of sports training from other sports that are of interest to us, especially at the initial stage in working with young athletes. This allows you to make your workout interesting and emotionally bright. Our main task is to teach a child to love movement, to experience the joy of mastering new motor skills and abilities. Form the skill of volitional effort. I am deeply convinced that only great interest and love for the chosen work will bring results. Therefore, our training program includes: roller skates, sports and outdoor games, hiking, cross-country races, training quests, a bicycle, participation in various sports competitions, and, of course, the skis themselves. I want to note that all our trainings take place on the street, that is, the child will take a walk for 2 hours a day.

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– What’s new in the cross-country skiing program?

– Time does not stand still, everything undergoes changes. Cross-country skiing, of course, was no exception. Today we have new species that require special training. This is an individual and team sprint, ski-cross (cross-country skiing). This is done to increase the interest and entertainment of our sport. It also pushes the boundaries of the possibilities for achieving results. The fastest and strongest will receive a medal in the sprint, the most agile in ski cross, the most enduring in distance racing. It is under ski cross that we have been holding competitions for kids called “Cheburashka” in our school for many years.

– The most important thing is that you tear the children away from the street.

– The child will be raised by the one who will grab his attention. We give everyone who comes to us a chance and opportunity to express themselves.

– And how does attending a sports school affect the performance in a comprehensive school?

– My answer is unequivocal – positive! In order not to be unfounded, every year our team has gold medalists with high USE scores. The guys successfully enter various universities in the country. At the same time, they often achieve high results in sports. It’s all about self-organization and dedication. It is sport that fosters these qualities. Not everyone will become great skiers, but definitely everyone will have a unique experience by being trained at our school. Children come to us because they have interesting trainings, because they like to compete, because they are cool company, because they have the opportunity to communicate. The leading activity of a teenager is communication with peers. Our task is to organize this communication safely and efficiently. And only closer to 14-15 years old the child decides whether he wants to go in for sports professionally. We are ready to help him realize his ambitions. We have all the resources for this. Those who did not make such a decision, calmly graduate from our school in the 11th grade and move their own way. By the way, at the end of a sports school, the child receives a certificate that he has completed training and a category book, where the sports category is indicated. I would like to note that the child during the implementation of our sports training receives education in the field of physical culture and sports. This is the history, theory and methodology of the sport, initial knowledge of anatomy, sports physiology and psychology. Knowledge of the rules of the competition and refereeing practice.

– A delicate question. Will the child’s visit to the SHOR ZVS hit hard on the family budget?

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– Education in our school takes place on a budgetary basis. Moreover, the school provides all the necessary equipment, according to the standards, for elementary school children.

– Some of the children study in a comprehensive school in the first shift, and some in the second.

– Our schedule is designed so that it will be convenient for everyone. The lesson itself takes two hours. In the morning from 9:00 to 11:00, in the afternoon – from 15:30 to 17:30. For the convenience of children, we have a school bus that picks up children from Victory Square, travels along a certain route, where it makes a couple of stops. After training on the same bus, you can return to Victory Square.

– Remind the parents where the SSHOR ZVS is located today and the telephone by which they could get advice.

Gorky, 25a, behind the Kristall sports complex. Phone: 8-962-102-43-01.


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