COVID-19 vaccination in Birmingham

Vaccinations in Birmingham are organized and very fast. As soon as your age is suitable for vaccination, you receive a text message and go ahead, make an appointment at a convenient time for you in a convenient place for you. Vaccinations take place, mainly, of course, at medical centers, but you can get vaccinated on a cricket ground, in a town hall, in churches, an Islamic center, at a stadium. They are usually recorded at the vaccination point nearest to the place of residence. The most convenient Millennium Point complex is in the center.

There are no queues here. You come to the appointed time and – voila – in 15 minutes you are already chipped vaccinated.

The Millennium Point complex consists of two parts, they differ even visually. One section houses a conference room, charitable organizations, an acting school, faculties at City University of Birmingham (not to be confused with the University of Birmingham) and a former movie theater.

The second part houses the Birmingham Science Museum, Thinktank, with a Science Garden for school seminars in front of it. The collection of the museum began to collect in the 19th century. The museum has not only steam engines, cars, airplanes, other equipment and modern scientific developments, but also interactive games for children, such as “Create an alien” and “Robotspian”, in which you can program robots the way you want them to be … Now the museum is closed, but they promise that it will open in mid-May.

To the left of Millennium Point is a grandiose construction site. A new station for the high-speed rail (High Speed ​​2) is under construction, from where it will be possible to reach London in less than an hour. When the expressway to London is built, it will be the turn of the road to Manchester, which can also be very quickly reached with the breeze.

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The project looks something like this

Nearby are residential complexes for those who want to live in the very center, but not on the shopping streets and have nothing against the human anthill.

One of the residential complexes

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