Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 07:28 “Astrazeneca vaccine is not as bad as it is made” +++

Shortly before the expected approval of the Astrazeneca corona vaccine, it is becoming apparent that the product in Germany will probably only be administered to people under 65 years of age. Ntv talks about the background with the medical journalist Dr. Christoph Specht.

+++ 06:51 Astrazeneca wants to disclose vaccine supply contract +++

In the dispute between the EU and Astrazeneca over bottlenecks in vaccine deliveries, the group now wants to disclose the delivery contract. That said an EU representative of the news agency Reuters. However, the company insisted on blackening sensitive passages of the agreement. Last week Astrazeneca admitted production bottlenecks at a plant in Belgium and announced that it would not be able to meet the delivery volume promised to the EU by the end of March. Astrazeneca boss Pascal Soriot had stated that his company had concluded a “best effort” agreement with the EU. That means that you wanted to deliver the promised quantities, but not be contractually obliged to do so. The EU sees it differently.

+++ 06:23 Authorities report 52 new corona cases in China +++

The Chinese health authority reports 52 coronavirus cases. The authority announced that 36 cases were of local origin. In China, where the global epidemic was first registered, the number of known infected people rises to 89,378.

+++ 05:47 The number of new cases continues to drop significantly in a weekly comparison +++

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 14,022 new corona infections within one day. In addition, 839 new deaths were recorded within 24 hours, as the RKI announced in the morning. Last Friday, the RKI recorded 17,862 new infections and 859 new deaths within 24 hours. The high of 1,244 new deaths was reached on January 14th. In the case of new infections registered within 24 hours, the highest value was reported on December 18, at 33,777 – but this contained 3500 late reports.

Note: The RKI figures usually deviate slightly from the case data that reports daily in the evening. The data team has direct access to the registration figures from the federal states as published by the local ministries and authorities. The RKI, on the other hand, is bound to the legally prescribed reporting channels, which can lead to a delay.

In addition, the respective daily values ​​map different recording periods: the ntv evaluation collects the country information published by the evening and uses this to calculate a daily status of the reported number of cases, which is usually published from 8 p.m. The RKI’s recording system, on the other hand, takes into account incoming reports up to midnight, with the current data status being announced the following morning.

+++ 05:22 DGB warns of a high failure rate among apprentices +++
The DGB warns that this year, due to the corona lockdown, significantly more apprentices could fail their final exams than usual. The federal government should therefore “as soon as possible” set up a funding program for the examination preparation of trainees, demanded the deputy chief of the German trade union federation, Elke Hannack, in an interview of the editorial network Germany. The trainees would need a right to a free additional exam preparation, said the union.

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+++ 04:26 AKK prohibits hairdressers in barracks +++
In the barracks of the Bundeswehr, hairdressers are initially no longer allowed to cut hair due to the pandemic. “Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer decided on Thursday that hairdressing salons in Bundeswehr barracks will be closed until further notice,” said a ministry spokeswoman for the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. Corresponding offers had been prohibited by decree.

+++ 03:17 Montgomery demands export ban for Astrazeneca +++
World Medical President Frank Ulrich Montgomery has sharply criticized the vaccine manufacturer Astrazeneca for its delivery policy and called for an export ban on the vaccine. “The behavior of Astrazeneca is underground,” said Montgomery the “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland” (RND). “It cannot be that the company exactly keeps its delivery promises for Great Britain, but only delivers a fraction of the vaccination doses promised for the EU”, criticized Montgomery and called for a “hard” reaction from the EU. “If the vaccine is produced on continental European soil, the company must be forbidden from shipping it outside the EU.”

+++ 02:06 employer president criticizes vaccine manufacturer +++
In view of the sluggish supply of corona vaccines, criticism of the manufacturers is also growing in the economy. Employer President Rainer Dulger told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” that the manufacturers of the vaccines had failed to keep many promises. Pressure also has to be built up. “In my eyes, some actors do not meet the image of an honorable businessman,” Dulger continued. The BDA President also called for the state to provide significantly better information about vaccinations. “You could, for example, reserve five minutes before the evening news on television and let them know how important it is to get vaccinated.”

+++ 01:00 Nine indigenous children in the Amazon region allegedly died of Corona +++
Since the beginning of January, at least nine children of indigenous peoples have died of Covid-19 in the northern Brazilian Amazon region of Roraima. Yanomami and Yekuana representatives handed documents to the authorities. According to this, four children died in connection with a corona infection in the municipality of Waphuta, and another 25 were in mortal danger. Five dead children allegedly suffering from Covid-19 were reported from Kataroa. The non-governmental organization Survival International had previously spoken of an impending “genocide” of the Yanomami caused by the coronavirus.

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+++ 23:50 Infected for the first time with two different virus types +++
Brazilian researchers have detected two different types of coronavirus – P.2 and B.1.1.28 – in infected people in the south of the country. According to her, she discovered the first people who were infected with two different corona viruses at the same time. The infected have so far shown mild disease courses.

+++ 22:30 Portugal no longer allows its own citizens to leave the country +++
After a new high in the number of corona deaths and infections, the government in Portugal has imposed travel restrictions. A travel ban applies for two weeks from Sunday. With a few exceptions, travel by plane, train or ship would then be prohibited. Interior Minister Eduardo Cabrita also announced border controls with Spain in parliament. The health authorities had previously announced that 303 people had died within 24 hours of being infected with the coronavirus. The number of new infections within one day was 16,432. A country-wide lockdown has been in effect in Portugal since January 15. The country with ten million inhabitants has counted at least 11,608 corona deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, and over 3,000 people have died in the past two weeks alone. On Wednesday, Prime Minister António Costa spoke of “gigantic” pressure on hospitals due to the sharp increase in cases.

+++ 22:04 Hungary beckons vaccines through emergency approval +++
The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has simplified the emergency approval of corona vaccines from Russia and China by ordinance. In particular, it will in future be possible to use the vaccine in Hungary under certain conditions without the company’s own drug and health authorities carrying out a separate inspection. The regulation, which appeared in the Hungarian Official Gazette on Thursday, provides for an automatic mechanism and is tailored to Russian and Chinese manufacturers. Last week, Hungary was the first EU country to order two million doses of the Russian preparation Sputnik V. So far, one of two Hungarian authorities has issued the emergency license. In the meantime, it became clear that external reviewers expressed concerns about deficiencies in the documentation of the clinical tests.

+++ 21:34 Country comparison: NRW with most cases +++
North Rhine-Westphalia recorded the most new infections in a country comparison with 3246 reported cases – followed by Bavaria (2448) and Baden-Württemberg (1619). Six federal states have four-digit growth rates, the other ten three-digit. Bremen (106), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (238) and Hamburg (246) report the lowest rates.

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+++ 21:04 In Germany 15,500 new cases reported +++
The number of reported coronavirus infections in Germany has risen to 2,186,807. As can be seen from the information from the state authorities evaluated by, 15,572 new cases were added. The number of cases is 3300 lower than on Thursday a week ago. The number of deaths related to infection rose 940 to 55,459. A week ago there were 47 fewer. Around 236,000 people are currently infected.

The infection rate (R value) is given by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as 0.77 (previous day: 0.76). This means that an average of one hundred infected 77 other people infected with Sars-CoV-2. The 7-day R-value is currently 0.90 (previous day: 0.87). According to the Divi Register, 4437 Covid-19 patients are currently being treated in intensive care in Germany, 2485 of whom are ventilated. Around 4,342 intensive care beds are currently still available in the German clinics.

You can read more information about the most important corona data here.

+++ 20:25 New York Public Prosecutor’s Office: Twice as many dead in old people’s homes +++
According to a report by the state attorney general, up to twice as many people in New York’s old people’s and nursing homes could have died after being infected with the coronavirus than previously known. The number of around 8,500 deaths in old people’s and nursing homes given by the state so far in the statistics is far too low, according to the report published by Attorney General Letitia James, which is based on an extensive investigation. The state of New York and the metropolis of the same name were the epicenter of the pandemic in the spring, but the situation has softened somewhat in the meantime. More than 42,000 people have died in New York after being infected with the virus, according to official state statistics.

+++ 19:53 British mutation: four daycare centers in Cologne affected +++
The mutated British coronavirus variant has now been detected in four daycare centers in Cologne. The city of Cologne announced this after initially confirming the occurrence of the virus mutation in a facility when asked by the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”. According to the city, this was noticed after a parent of a child tested positive for the variant. According to the city, all four facilities are externally brought in cases and not outbreaks within the facility. The city of Cologne announced in the evening that the mutated virus had subsequently been detected in a total of four educators and two children.
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