Corona: frailty increases the risk of death

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New scientific study by the University of Birmingham evaluates data from twelve countries

Frailty: COVID-19 increases mortality (Photo: van Erp)

Birmingham (pte001 / 02/08/2021 / 6:00) – Very frail COVID-19 patients are three times more likely to die than a study conducted by the University of Birmingham shows. This also applies when age is taken into account. Very frail patients who survived the disease were seven times more likely to need care at home or in a nursing home. For the study, the data from 5,711 patients with COVID-19 in 55 hospitals in twelve countries were evaluated.

Age as a risk factor

According to senior author Carly Welch, very early in the pandemic, older age was recognized as an important risk factor for the higher likelihood of death with COVID-19. However, not all older people age the same. Some people are not frail even after their 90th birthday. According to the expert, frailty can also occur without other long-term illnesses.

“Our results are important because we were able to demonstrate that not only older age but also frailty, independently of one another, increases the risk of death in COVID-19. This also creates a greater need for care among survivors. that delirium – a state of mental confusion that is very common in COVID-19 patients – is not itself independently related to an increased risk of death.

It also found that there was an increased likelihood of transition to a higher level of care after discharge from hospital in COVID-19 patients with increasing age, frailty, dementia and mental health problems. The research results were published in “Age and Aging”.

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Frailty is a condition in which the body becomes more vulnerable to the effects of the disease. A diagnosis is made using a holistic assessment. It takes into account how much support a person needs in everyday life before they feel uncomfortable. It’s not just about medical problems, it’s about the whole person.

The risk of frailty increases with age. However, it can occur at different ages. The Geriatric Medicine Research Collaborative, the panel of experts behind the study, is now calling for improved global health policies as there is now evidence that frailty increases the risk of death from COVID-19 regardless of age.



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